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Costa Rica World Chaîne Day

San José, April 24, 2021

Brunch with eggs galore

" We thank the Amura Centro Culinario for organizing our .. celebration "

The international theme for this wonderful occasion was “Have an Egg-cellent Day”. Which is why the multi-course brunch offered to our 25 members and their guests on this special day in the Chaîne’s calendar turned to one of the most versatile products in the kitchen, the egg. We were treated to a flavour show with the wines as an essential guest.

The celebration was even more pleasurable given that after so long we managed to meet again to share the pleasures of the table! Everything took place under the strictest protocols required by Costa Rica’s sanitary authorities. Globally known for its “Pura Vida” saying meaning everything is very well. And it was.

The venue was Amura Culinary Center, best and biggest Institute of Gastronomic Studies in Central America and the Caribbean. Executive Chef Gustavo Villalobos with a team of students devised and produced the feast of dishes.


Montecristo blue cheese with mulberry sauce

Chorreadas (traditional Costa Rica pancakes)
jumbo shrimp, lemon butter seasoning

Warm soft-boiled egg
Brazilian spinach sauce, greens
Mimosa cocktail
made with Prosecco and gooseberry and orange syrup


10 tropical fruits with smoked pork belly and honey
artisan cheese from the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano
quail egg, three-herb basil pesto

Mini fluffy crunchy sourdough focaccia
fig jelly, smoked duck bacon, rosemary oil droplets

Sweet potato hash, caramelised octopus
cured egg yolk, romesco sauce

Grilled skirt steak, chimichurri sauce
scrambled eggs with Parmesan
Béarnaise sauce with turmeric
toasted multigrain bread

Danish pastries
artisan banana ice cream
chiverre honey
(typical Costa Rica preserve)
topped by a “false egg white”
of coconut yoghurt with
mango pulp representing the yolk

Passionfruit Opera gateau
with fresh figs

Our world-famous Costa Rican coffee

Snippets of comments overheard: surprising statement of the “false egg”; fresh figs from Irazu Volcano hillside; cheese from the Turrialba Volcano mountainside; the debutant Montecristo blue cheese; savouring every morsel; enjoying traditional Costa Rican dishes and much more.

And the essential guest? Wine of course. Its presence honoured the dishes. Three exclusive wines were served: “Guardia”, “Lara O 10” and “Lara O Crianza”. All came from the Territorio Luthier winery in Aranda, Ribera del Duero, Spain, and were introduced by oenologist Fernándo Ortíz.

We thank the Amura Centro Culinario in San José and its team for organizing our World Chaîne Day 2021 celebration.

Special thanks go to Executive Chef Gustavo Villalobos and Facilitator Chef Fabian Flores, and naturally to all the talented students and future chefs who made such an exquisite experience possible.

Last but not least we express much appreciation to Alejandro Murillo, co-owner of the Territorio Luthier winery for providing the wines.

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