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Mexico World Chaîne Day

Around the country, April 24, 2021

Eggs to the fore!

" celebrating the Chaîne’s very special day in unity, joy and creativity "

World Chaîne Day (WCD) in Mexico was exuberantly celebrated around the local Bailliages.

Of particular note on social media were very active members in the Bailliages of Cuernavaca, Cancún, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta.

National Officers
National Officer postings included from Bailli Délégué Thierry Blouet in Puerto Vallarta, and Chancelier Alejandro Rodriguez in Mexico City. Conseiller Culinaire Philippe Fournier, of the Hotel El Cozumeleno Beach Resort in Puerto Vallarta, followed the egg theme with a dish simply entitled “my eggs”.

The Bailliage held a lunch featuring lots of eggs at the Hacienda de Cortes Hotel & Spa (Maître Rôtisseur Juan Corral).


“Healthy omelette”
egg whites stuffed with spinach and mushrooms
asparagus sauce

Eggs Benedict

Eggs with machaca
[Ed. Machaca is a traditionally dried meat,
usually spiced beef or pork, that is
rehydrated and then used in popular
local cuisine in Northern Mexico]

Salmon and cream cheese omelette
red pepper sauce

Eggs motuleños
[Ed. Eggs motuleños is usually eaten at breakfast.
The dish is made with eggs on tortillas with
black beans and cheese, often with other
ingredients such as ham, peas and salsa picante]

Chocolate trolley with fruit from the buffet

The Bailliage posted the wish that everyone enjoyed celebrating the Chaîne’s very special day in unity, joy and creativity. Bailli Honoraire Massimo Pampaloni Baschieri of Ristorante da Massimo in Guadalajara, posted “our dish today to celebrate World Chaîne Day is Mondeghili veal dumplings on a demi glacé of porcini mushrooms and asparagus with quail’s egg. Vive La Chaîne!”

Mexico City
Chevalier Salvador Gayol prepared burrata with dehydrated cherry tomatoes with serrano ham, extra virgin olive oil and basil. Burrata is an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk. Its outer shell is solid mozzarella while the inside contains stracciatella cheese and cream.

Article prepared by the Chaîne News On-line team based on social media postings

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