Croatia Festive Lunch

Bailliage Croatia
Zagreb, December 16, 2022

Review of 2022 whilst celebrating Christmas
" We were especially glad that the members from Slovenia joined us "

At the end of another calendar year, we gathered for a traditional Christmas lunch. Due to the great interest and response of the members the event was arranged in the Esplanade Hotel’s Emerald Ballroom. This added to the solemnity of our holiday gathering giving the perfect opportunity to meet dear friends, young parents and those whose daily commitments do not allow regular attendance at our events.

After the welcome sparkling wine, our host Maître Hôtelier Ivica Max Krizmanić, General Manager of the Esplanade, greeted everyone. Bailli Délégué Dalibor Greganić thanked the sponsors as well as everyone involved in the work and progress of the Bailliage of Croatia.

We were especially glad that the members from Slovenia joined us led by Chancelier Boštjan Horjak. We also had the honour of hosting His Excellency Dr Josef Markus Wuketich, Ambassador of Austria to the Republic of Croatia, and representatives from the Austrian Embassy and Ministries.

All Croatia members received an appropriate gift, namely a recently published book about Kulen. It is the first title from the library, Gastronomic Roadmaps, which we launched this year!


Homemade butter with herbs
fleur de sel

Salted trout salmon
trout roe, citrus gel

Puffs filled with shrimp cream
prawns velouté and lard, cauliflower

Smoked turbot, raštika (collard greens)
fish demi-glace, roasted shiitake
roasted celery cream
panko crumble, brown butter

Steak, pumpkin, truffles, Port sauce
dried figs and fried rosemary

Dark chocolate and anise namelaka (inverted ganache)
chestnut, citrus curd, cocoa tuile

Along with a coordinated service, the courses with perfectly paired wines alternated to the delight of all present.

Chef Ana Grgić Tomić, Maître Rôtisseur, once again confirmed her status on the Croatian culinary scene. After the second course, Lana Kralj Dadić (Dame de la Chaîne) addressed us.

On behalf of the Profil Klett publishing house, she briefly presented us with the gift that all the participants of the Christmas lunch received. The gift was “The Woman Who Plays” a collection of stories and poems by author Olja Savičević Ivančević accompanied by illustrations by Mirna Sišul.

Tomas Vukadin, Executive Secretary of the Bailliage of Croatia, addressed us highlighting the achievements in 2022 including the National Final of the Jeunes Chef Rôtisseurs Competition held in Split followed by participation of the Croatian representative in the international competition in Mexico. That was our dear, self-deprecating, superb young chef Amos Novak (Rôtisseur). Despite his Restaurant Terbotz being very busy at this time of the year, Maître Restaurateur Branimir Jakopić once again supported Amos. They joined us for this festive lunch.

Tomas referred to the successful Grand Chapitre held at the beginning of October in Zadar, where 30 new members were inducted. The book promotions on Kulen held in Zagreb and Slovenia during the past few months. He also introduced our new website of which we are very proud.

At the end, we thanked the hardworking staff by awarding diplomas. Everyone present was truly delighted with the exceptional menu, as well as the festive atmosphere.

Koraljka Tironi
Chargée de Presse

Photos: Marko Šolić

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