International OMGD Grand Chapitre 2023

Izmir (Turkey), September 20-24, 2023

Save the dates for Izmir in September
" The programme and registration form are expected to be published in February "

Dear Members

After having a memorable OMGD (Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs) Grand Chapitre in 2022 in Budapest, Hungary, it is with great pleasure to announce that our 4th Annual International OMGD Grand Chapitre will take place on September 20-24, 2023, in Izmir, Turkey. Izmir province, situated along the Aegean coast in western Anatolia, is considered to be one of the hidden gem wine regions in the world.

Our colleagues, the Bailli Délégué of Turkey Yves Léon, who is a member of the Conseil Magistral, together with Bülent Akgerman, Bailli of Izmir, are currently putting together the final touches to the detailed four-day programme. It will include visits to vineyards, wineries and wine tastings from the many wine producers in the region. Sightseeing trips to world renowned historical sites and dining experiences at well-known restaurants will add that uniquely memorable element.

The programme and registration form are expected to be published in February; I kindly ask those who would be interested to participate in this unique event to save the dates in their calendars.

For the formal welcome please click this link: Letter

Looking forward to seeing you in Izmir.

Vive la Chaîne et Vive l’Ordre Mondial!

Mohamed Hammam
Chair, OMGD International Committee
Member of the Conseils d’Administration and Magistral

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