World Chaîne Day

Worldwide, April 22, 2023

Reflections by the Committee Chair
" The theme for this year was 'Come with your heart' which could be easily seen as I went through the photographic material "

The theme for this year was “Come with your heart” which could be easily seen as I went through the photographic material.

Actually, it was quite astonishing to see how homogenous a feeling and atmosphere there was in the World Chaîne Day (WCD) events internationally.

The situation we do have in world at this time combined with “Come with your heart” seems to have raised the same kind of thoughts regardless of the culture and environment.

There was happiness and joy - a lot in fact. Both extravagance and sometimes over the top feelings which we have seen previously were subdued if not absent altogether.

A deep caring was conveyed throughout the material, evidenced by warmth and togetherness - back to the good old days creating nice memories.

World Chaîne Day is now a fully integrated part of the calendar of events in many, many member countries. Naturally, I am really happy about that. Yet every year we are getting new participants.

What I still would like to emphasise is individual participation. It is not necessary to stage an official event. Members can create and actualise their own ideas and share them with fellow confrères through social media. This adds a lot of proverbial cherries to our WCD cake!

We are continuing to strengthen the virtual chain around the world following the sun. Let’s keep it going!

Last, but not least, save the date for next year: Saturday, April 20th will be World Chaîne Day in 2024.

Ari-Pekka Parviainen
Chair of the World Chaîne Day Organising Committee
Member of the Conseils d’Administration and Magistral

Bordeaux, May 18, 2024

Winners announced at the International AGM

April 20, 2024

Themed: 'Local Culinary Delights'

April 20, 2024

Evident enthusiasm displayed

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