Great Britain Grand Chapitre 2024

Bailliage of Great Britain
Glasgow (Scotland), July 10-14, 2024

Five days of culture and culinary excellence
" Looking forward to seeing you there! "

Dear friends around the world

After many months in the planning, it is with much pleasure that I can reveal the principal details of our 64th Grand Chapitre being held in 2024 with Glasgow as the base.

The Glasgow Hilton will be the host hotel. All transport to the many events in the programme will depart from there.

To see the spectacular line up of what is planned, please click this clink: programme

To register your interest and apply for a brochure when it is published, please drop a note to: [email protected]

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Philip Evins
Bailli Délégué
Member of the Conseil Magistral

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