World Chaîne Day - featured Bailliages

April 20, 2024

Evident enthusiasm displayed
" the events of the day unfolded across the world "

The theme of this year’s World Chaîne Day was “Local Culinary Delights”. Beginning in New Zealand and ending at the western extremities of the USA, the events of the day unfolded across the world, through Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe then “across the pond” to the Americas.

Here is a selection of Bailliages (in an arbitrary order of following the day from the east to the west) whose postings, especially on the World Chaîne Day Social Media Wall, displayed evident enthusiasm for the celebration of the Chaîne’s annual special day.

Australia - Brisbane
At Otti Café, in the Marriott Brisbane, Maître Rôtisseur Romain Bapst (awarded the Ordre du Mérite Agricole by the French Government) with guest Chef Kenneth Ip, served Queensland’s best dishes: Gympie Farm goat’s cheese with Bundaberg jalapeno salad; Australian Bay lobster from Chinderah; wild venison sirloin from Stanthorpe; Warm Davidson plum clafoutis. All matched with fine Australian wines. Showcasing “local culinary delights” was not in doubt!

The Bailliage held its celebration at the 5-star Howard Plaza Hotel in the country’s capital, Taipei. When you arrive in Taiwan and have tasted authentic Taiwanese cuisine you will know you have made your trip already worthwhile. The Howard Plaza is famous for its Chinese and Western delicacies as well as Taiwanese cuisine. An excellent location choice for Bailli Délégué and his members to enjoy “local culinary delights”.

Chancelier Pedro Lobo wrote: Under the leadership of our new Bailli Délégué, Ada Chio de la Cruz, the Bailliage’s celebration was a wonderful Macanese menu in keeping with the “Local Culinary Delights” theme. Chefs Rita Borges, Student Tou Cheok Lam and Pedro Almeida, our new Conseil Culinaire, prepared a very special menu with appetizers such as samosas and cheese toasts, followed by the traditional “Casquinha de Siri” (Stuffed creamy crab cake), “Sopa Macaense de Pepino e Hortelã” (traditional Macanese cucumber and mint soup), “Capela” (Macanese baked meatloaf) and “Porco Balichão Tamarinho” (Macanese tamarind-braised pork). For dessert, “Sabores de Macau” (a sweet journey through Macanese delights) was served. It was a true voyage through Macanese culinary delights.

Chargée de Missions Soumaya El-Azem wrote: "The Ambassador for Spain, H.E. Miguel Moro Aguilar (who is a Chevalier d’Honneur), hosted the Bailliage at his residence. The St Regis Hotel was our caterer and in cooperation with the Ambassador presented Spanish gastronomy at its best, covering regions of Spain from Galicia to Malaga. Spanish cuisine is as tasty as it is healthy. Influenced by the Arabs and the by the Americas, Spanish cookery evolved into its own distinctiveness. Our menu was remarkable. Cluster Executive Chef Simone Murru and his team started with Galician-style octopus and marinated salmon. Navarre asparagus soup with black truffle and goat cheese mousse was our next superb creation. Roasted sea bass fillet with tomatoes and black olive mayonnaise was a perfect prelude to the delectable, braised veal cheeks with creamy semolina and vegetable giardiniera. Malaga orange cake was the sweet and fruity final to a stupendous Spanish meal of excellence, and an amiable celebration of World Chaîne Day featuring the local delicacies of Spain, a fellow Chaîne member country."

Bailli Délégué Arlette Mabardi engaged the insatiable love for cooking and an unrestricted approach to creating exciting food for which her Conseiller Culinaire, Chef/Restaurateur Maroun Chedid, is renowned. Bailliage members and their guests were regaled with typical Lebanese delicacies at the amazing Chef Maroun’s Ritage Garden. Cosmopolitan in nature, Mediterranean at heart, Ritage Garden is an all-day dining concept and an urban oasis in the midst of the bustling city of Beirut.

The Bailliage celebrated April 19th. In keeping with the theme, “Local Culinary Delights”, dinner was organised at Barbeque Village, a very popular restaurant in Dar es Salaam. They served us with the most scrumptious local cuisine which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Türkiye - Black Sea
The Bailliage held a three-day programme of World Chaîne Day events. The first dinner in Samsun saw Black Sea regional specialities served at Pamuk Restaurant. The star of the evening was turbot. Lunch at Niyazikekim on the second day featured Bafra Pidesi, a traditional Turkish savoury pie from Bafra, known for its unique canoe shape and is about 1 metre long and 2.5 cms wide.

South Africa - KwaZulu Natal
Meraki by Charlie Lakin was the chosen location for the Bailliage’s celebration. Members and their guests were blown away by the delectable plates. Giulio Cercato wrote: a phenomenal afternoon spent with amazing people celebrating World Chaîne Day

Finland - Lahti
Finland is the birthplace of World Chaîne Day. Across the country members promoted the Chaîne to members of the public, all the while ensuring their enjoyment of the annual celebration. In honour of World Chaîne Day, Chaîne member restaurants in Lahti, Bailliage members and partners organized an event in the market where everyone who wanted to could participate and feast. Despite the cold spring weather and snowfall, a nice number of participants gathered.

Sweden - Norbotten
And speaking of snowfall, World Chaîne Day in the Bailliage of Norbotten (in the extreme north of the country) was celebrated with Champagne outside in the snow for a fine fifth occasion.

Germany - Sachsen
Still fresh in the memory for members and guests was a wonderful dinner for World Chaîne Day at Tessa and Andreas Barth's Romantik Hotel Schwanefeld & Spa in Meerane. Beforehand, of course, the opportunity wad taken to relax in the spa

World Chaîne Day in Belgium was a unique tour showcasing exclusive Roadsters and GT cars, along with culinary highlights. The tour took the participants, led by Bailli Délégué Ilse Duponcheel, through the rolling Flemish and Walloon Brabant regions, where they drove through special nature reserves and meandered along the Dijle river, as well as visit to the gardens of Hoegaarden. Following that was a wine-tasting break at a château. The finest cuisine from the region followed at the Huiskamerrestaurant Postelein, where Maître Rôtisseur Yoeri and Maître Sommelier Patricia delighted everyone with an exquisite menu.

A new member country of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs! The nucleus of officers in Ghana were thrilled to thank everyone who made their first-ever event a historical success. Especially: Fiesta Residences, Junction Avenue, Saint Pablo Restaurant, and Central Hotel for making the remarkable evening possible. Their deepest gratitude extended to all the amazing volunteers and the fantastic new members who joined the Chaîne!

Canada - New Brunswick
An evening with the collaboration of seven wonderful chefs from New Brunswick and the wines chosen and commented on Mario Griffin was the Bailliage’s outstanding celebration of the Chaîne’s special day. In keeping with the theme, it was a wonderful gourmet festive dinner featuring wonderful local products.

Mexico - Guadalajara
A fantastic event was organised at the enchanting Hacienda Santa Carmen nestled in Tequila to commemorate World Chaîne Day with a lavish feast of local culinary delights meticulously crafted by the renowned Chef Mario Papa Garcia. Set amidst agave fields and majestic mountains, the day commenced at 1pm with a welcoming cocktail reception. The participants savoured four exquisite cocktails featuring EntreManos Blanco Tequila complemented by the crispness of Doblerre Cerveza, while exchanging warm greetings with fellow connoisseurs.

In honour of the momentous occasion, Chef Mario led the diners on a culinary journey, showcasing the authentic and traditional flavours that define Jalisco Province as an essential destination for epicurean enthusiasts. Recently acknowledged among the Top 20 Food & Wine Global Taste Makers, Chef Papa captivated everyone with his inventive prowess and culinary finesse.

As the extraordinary gastronomic affair drew to a close, we relished the serene beauty surrounding us, accompanied by our fellow members and their families. It provided an idyllic backdrop for a tasting of aged tequilas expertly guided by Jaime Villalobos, a venerable master Tequila maker, esteemed author and historian renowned for his expertise in Tequila and its rich heritage. The experience proved to be enlightening and captivating, deepening our appreciation for the intricacies and nuances of this revered agave spirit.

To culminate our celebration, we indulged in two local culinary delights: traditional churros and esquites. These delectable treats served as a fitting conclusion to our gastronomic odyssey.

Bordeaux, May 18, 2024

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April 20, 2024

Themed: 'Local Culinary Delights'

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