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Bailliage of Sweden
Växjö, June 5, 2024

A prize of which to be proud
" Chef Rôtisseur Anders Lauring has been awarded one of the finest awards a Swedish chef can receive "

Chef Rôtisseur Anders Lauring has been awarded one of the finest awards a Swedish chef can receive: Cadier’s tasting spoon in silver. This honour was presented to him by the Culinary Academy in Sweden. The citation reads, “for excellent efforts in promoting Swedish food culture”.

“I am really honoured and so proud” said Anders, a Dane who moved to Sweden with his Swedish born wife.

An apprentice chef in Denmark Anders came to one of Sweden's best restaurants, PM & Vänner (PM) in Växjö, by way of Norway. He has provided PM’s large group of guests with delicious dishes during the past 25 years.

His dishes have always been innovative, spectacular and extremely tasty. PM’s exciting tasting menu, in which owner Per Bengtsson is also involved with his unique imagination, is widely talked about both in Sweden and abroad. At the beginning of the 2000s, they were one of the first to put local ingredients into focus.

As a result PM has had its own greenhouse for many years. If you fly over the landscape of Småland, you see forests, meadows and lakes. “They became our guiding stars”, Anders explains. He is still inspired and curious. PM is constantly developing. “Today, it’s important to create your own style and not copy other star restaurants,” added Anders.

No restaurant in Sweden has received as many prizes and awards as PM. Even their wine cellar is highly ranked internationally. “An incredible number of talented people work at this hotel and restaurant with its fantastic rooftop bar. I think it is noticeable that we all have an extra great passion for food and drink,” explained Anders.

In a press release from PM & Vänner, owner Per Bengtsson wrote in connection with Anders’ award: “Now Anders is one of the legends who has received a tasting spoon in solid silver”. Both owner and Chef are equally proud.

The tasting spoon is an exact copy of the beautiful spoon belonging to French Master Chef and hotelier Jean-François Régis Cadier. The original can be found at the Stockholm City Museum. Cadier was born in 1829 and trained as a chef with the masters of the time in Paris. He later built the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, which was world famous in its time.

Catarina Offe
Conseiller Gastronomique

Translated into English by Margareta Henry, Chargée de Missions Honoraire

PM & Vänner
Västergatan 10
352 31 Växjö

Tel: +46 470 75 97 00

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