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Germany - Rolf Seelige-Steinhoff

Usedom, May 6, 2021

Grand Officier Maître Hôtelier

" Seetelhotel Ahlbecker Hof: excellence since 1890 "

"Seetelhotel Ahlbecker Hof: excellence since 1890"

The excellent menu and exceptional, attentive service at the legendary Ahlbecker Hof, flagship of the Seetelhotels Group, are award-winning. With a long, rich history this splendid luxury hotel has hosted emperors and kings. Add in incomparable views of the Baltic Sea and the famous Ahlbeck Pier which makes arriving at one of the most famous wellness hotels on the Baltic Sea an impressive experience.

Tradition and restrained luxury characterise the 5-star hotel on Usedom as well as the warmth of the staff. It is a small yet grand hotel with 90 stylish rooms and luxurious suites which gives an imperial experience in architecture and ambience. Perfect for everyone who is looking for something very special.

At this unique location, the “good old days” have been brought back to life at this premier address on Usedom since 1890.

Nowadays it is a gourmet kitchen that impresses, one to fall in love with. The kitchen team create delicacies from high quality products. The kitchen concept is based on sustainability and regionality. Most of the ingredients come from the island or the vicinity. Honey is supplied by a Usedom beekeeper. Rolls are of course baked in-house made from eggs and flour sourced on the island. Even the ham from the regional butcher is smoked near to the hotel.

High culinary level, service and noble atmosphere of the gourmet restaurants Blauer Salon and Suan Thai impress with a menu which adapting to the season changes every two months. Thus guests are offered a firework of flavours in every season.

Guests are spoilt in the spa with international, contemporary beauty treatments and massages. For example, Kobido, a Japanese anti-aging facial massage, has been offered since September 2019. And afterwards to relax a perfectly brewed cup of tea, the in-house Tea Master Gold.

Grand Officier Maître Hôtelier Rolf Seelige-Steinhoff visited the island of Usedom for the first time some 30 years ago. He was enthusiastic about the sunny island on the Baltic Sea with its historic imperial bath’s architecture.

Reason enough to set up the Seetelhotels Group together with his father, the hotel entrepreneur Burghardt Seelige-Steinhoff. Today, Rolf, a former Hotelier of the Year in Germany, manages 17 hotels, residences and villas on Usedom as well as the Hotel Bahia del Sol on Mallorca, one of Spain's Balearic Islands.

In over two decades of work and commitment to his hotels, Rolf has never forgotten one thing: to enjoy the beauty of Usedom. Understandably, this long-time Chaîne member prefers to spend all his free time with his family on the island.

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Seetelhotel Ahlbecker Hof
Dünenstraße 47
17419 Heringsdorf

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