Vietnam Dinner

Bailliage Hanoï, Vietnam
Hanoi, January 10, 2023

New local Bailliage celebrates Tet
" Dressed in festive attire, 21 members and their guests, enjoyed a five-course feast "

On Tuesday, January 10th, the newly formed Bailliage of Hanoi celebrated Tet with a festive dinner at La Bête Steakhouse located in the picturesque West Lake District.

Tet, short for Tet Nguyen Dan (lit. “Festival of the first day”), is one of the most important celebrations in Vietnamese culture. It celebrates the arrival of Spring based on the Vietnamese calendar which usually has the date in January or February in the Gregorian calendar.

Dressed in festive attire, 21 members and their guests, enjoyed a five-course feast featuring dry-aged beef, modern Vietnamese specialities, and a specially prepared wine pairing.


Baguette crisps
Hot Sangria


Vietnamese chicken salad
Testamento Branco 2021 - Lisbon, Portugal

Morel mushroom soup
Intimista Tinto 2021 - Alentejo, Portugal

Filet mignon winter carpaccio
Miopasso Primitivo 2021 - Puglia, Italy

40-days dry-aged Hereford beef
creamy mushroom sauce
F. Thienpont Merlot 2018 - Bordeaux, France

Gac* fruit sweet soup
Spumante Bianco Brut 2020
Bottega Il Vino dei Poeti - Veneto, Italy

Artisanal tea served upon request

We are grateful to the guests who made the journey to attend our event. Special thanks to Sharon and Rob Varnum from Oklahoma City in the USA, Minh Le and Pham Van from Ho Chi Minh City, and the diplomats who took time out of their busy schedules to join us.

We extend our appreciation to our new nominee for Chevalier, Brian Pook, for his enthusiastic and expert delivery of the wine accolade. Bailli Délégué Rajesh Taneja, who is a Member of the prestigious Conseil Magistral in Paris, was also in attendance. He delivered the food appreciation.

The organizers express their sincere appreciation for the support and patronage of all attendees during the year of the Tiger. January 2023 marks the start of the Bailliage of Hanoi with Ravi Chunilal as its Bailli. We hope to see more people attend, enjoy, grow and learn during the upcoming year of the Cat as per the Vietnamese zodiac (= Rabbit in the Chinese one).

Vive la Chaîne!

Rajesh “Raj” Taneja
Bailli Délégué
Member of the Conseil Magistral

* Gac fruit also known as baby jackfruit is emerging as a new superfood for health and vitality.

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