International Grand Chapitre Reflections

Nice (France), June 8-10, 2023

United Arab Emirates Chargé de Presse had a ball
" Here's to more memories, more connections, and more shared stories "

Following his participation in the International Grand Chapitre in Nice, Frederik Haentjens, Chargé de Presse of the United Arab Emirates, wrote to express his heartfelt appreciation for the continuous, tireless efforts put forth by the Chaîne HQ administration and those senior members of the Chaîne involved in the organisation of the event. In his view, their contributions crafted some truly unforgettable moments for all members to cherish during the three-day programme.

Frederik continued, “Over the past year, our commitment in the UAE to capturing and sharing our journey has taken a wonderful turn towards the realm of video production. I understand, through Managing Editor Marie Jones, that there is a growing preference within our community for “more videos, fewer photos”. We are excited to meet this desire head on and are ready to deliver what our audiences love most.”

In keeping with this new departure, Frederik put together a resumé of his attendance at the events depicting his interaction with the other members. In his words, it is a “a heartfelt and vibrant visual expression of experiences at the International Grand Chapitre where we were proud to represent the Bailliage of UAE.”

To view his visual reportage, please click the link to the video.

In conclusion, Frederik observed, “the International Grand Chapitre was a remarkable gathering that celebrated the art of fine dining and fostered camaraderie among gastronomy enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.”

Looking ahead, he enthused, “Here's to more memories, more connections, and more shared stories.”

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