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Bailliage of Switzerland
Basel, December 4, 2023

The art of finding yourself
" Stucki is a top restaurant, delicatessen and catering service which creates an unforgettable voyage of discovery for the senses "

Maître Rôtisseur Tanja Grandits has created her perfect world in the restaurant “Stucki” in Basel. A microcosm of smiles, flavours and passion for food is what makes her the best chef in Switzerland. It’s her ability to do what she finds best and inspire the people around her - guests, employees and colleagues.

Tanja Grandits uses the finest basic ingredients, makes masterly use of herbs and spices and thus crafts the style which has become her hallmark. Her restaurant is her very own world, full of inspiration, freshness and aromas. She sets the scene with colours and refined touches which diners find so appealing. So says her website. “I love my work, the glorious ingredients and the wonderful people around me” states Tanja. “I'm always on the lookout for subtle new tastes and blends. So, herbs and spices have always brought my cooking to life in a marvellous way”.

“The most important thing, that I have learned in my life, as a woman, cook and mother is to do what I chose best”, says the chef and author whose latest publication is “Einfach Tanja”. Tanja has been self-employed since 2001.

Today she manages a business with more than 40 employees. It's a great blessing that they can work, laugh and celebrate together, and this is one of the Stucki secrets. Apart from the long-term core kitchen team, Tanja attracts creative people who stop over with her for varying periods of time.

In 2014 Tanja won “Chef of the Year” for the first time. Now the second title for “Chef of the Year 2020” from “GaultMillau”, with 19 points and 2 Michelin stars Tanja has been honoured with the two most important Guides. “A joint effort with my fantastic team”, enthused Tanja. “We cooked our way there!”

Stucki is a top restaurant, delicatessen and catering service which creates an unforgettable voyage of discovery for the senses, full of delectable surprises. It’s personal, exclusive and bespoke. Tanja Grandits sustains this enterprise with culinary intelligence, a great gut instinct and an infectious smile. Fanatical about the best ingredients Stucki dishes are great to prepare.

Favourite quotes by Tanja on the Stucki website are:
“256 million colours to choose from - so I’ve got enough to keep me busy for a while.”
“Powerful and enchanting: nothing inspires me more than nature.”
“Welcome to my world of colours and flowers.”

A visit to Stucki is an unforgettable experience. Every dish dispatched from the Stucki kitchen conveys a special message: that beauty is akin to sensitivity, surprise and good taste.

Restaurant Stucki
Bruderholzallee 42
4059 Basel
Tel: +41 (0)61 361 82 22

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