Hong Kong China - Fu Ho Restaurant

Bailliage of Hong Kong China
November 27, 2023

Awarded a Michelin star for 13 consecutive years
" has won word-of-mouth thanks to its series of famous 'Ah Yung' abalone dishes "

The prestigious Fu Ho, owned by Maître Restaurateur Yung Yeung Kwong, is a Michelin starred restaurant that has won word-of-mouth thanks to its series of famous “Ah Yung” abalone dishes. As a result, it has been nicknamed the “celebrity canteen”.

Abalones are marine snails. The flesh is widely considered to be a desirable food and is consumed raw or cooked by a variety of cultures especially in Southeast Asia.

Yung Yeung Kwong said: “Fu Ho is a renowned, traditional Cantonese cuisine restaurant. In addition to abalone, ginseng, tuna belly and bird’s nest, there is a variety of exquisite and delicious dim sum, hand-twisted side dishes, and seafood from which guests can choose. Our signature dish - “Ah Yung” abalone - is indeed a high-end, precious dish that must be tasted. However, because I personally search for and bulk purchase high-quality, high-end ingredients from all over the world, the menu price is not excessive.”

Yung Yeung Kwong pays attention to the taste and presentation of food. In addition to regularly launching special dishes, he monitors their quality and carefully guides employees to improve cooking methods to ensure that the dishes are as good as possible … to perfection in fact!

The Bailliage of Hong Kong considers itself honoured to have been able to hold a dinner at Fu Ho on November 27th. Members and their guests could experience an outstanding, masterfully created Chaîne dinner of nine courses.

For the menu Yung Yeung Kwong selected the highest grade 30-year-old Japanese “five heads”* dried abalone from his private collection - literally worth more than gold! Unlike any other abalone dish, it is slow braised for 20 hours employing a secret recipe. Tasting like no other, it was a delicacy to be savoured and one which left a lasting memory.

Other skilfully executed house specialities savoured on the evening were a unique and quite extraordinary bird’s nest as well as 60-year-old tangerine peels.

It certainly was a gastronomic experience not to have been missed. What’s more, thanks to the generosity of our Chaîne brother, Maître Restaurateur Yung Yeung Kwong, it was worth significantly more than the ticket price.

Steven Kahn
Bailli Délégué
Member of the Conseil Magistral

* Ed. The size of dried abalone is measured in “heads”. This is the number of abalone in a "catty" (600g) and ranges from 6-30. The smaller the number, the bigger the abalone.

Fu Ho Restaurant
132 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2736 2228

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