Finland - Lahti Dining (Part 1)

Bailliage of Finland
Lahti, December 8, 2023

Ravintola Roux
" The tasteful, vintage, stylish interior of a former pharmacy guarantees a pleasant visit "

Lahti is the capital of the Päijänne Tavastia region, fast growing to be one of the main economic hubs of Finland. The city is situated on a bay at the southern end of Lake Vesijärvi about 100 kilometres north-east of Helsinki, Finland’s capital city. In English, “Lahti” literally means “bay”. Lahti is also dubbed the "Chicago of Finland" due to the early industries of both cities when they were known as “slaughterhouse cities”. A long-time pioneering city in environmental sustainability, the European Commission named Lahti as the European Green Capital of 2021.

Roux [Ed. Ravintola = Restaurant] is located in the centre of Lahti, near City Hall. The tasteful, vintage, stylish interior of a former pharmacy guarantees a pleasant visit. Inspired by seasonality, Head Chef and Co-owner Sami Häkkinen creates a wonderful à la carte selection of Finnish and Nordic cuisine. Menus are updated several times a year according to season.

The Society of Gastronomies of Finland awarded Roux the “Restaurant of the Year” title in 2016. Those responsible for the selection justified their choice based on Roux's long-term work to nurture high-quality classic French cuisine. Needless to say, the reason for the accolade is ongoing.

It was in 2007 that Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire Sami Häkkinen and Vice-Échanson Kati Onnela created Roux in a nearly hundred-year-old pharmacy. Since then, Roux has persistently stuck to its ambitious ideals. However, the position as the only restaurant in the winter sports and hip-hop city offering fine dining-level food is not easy. It is challenging for one restaurant to create a culture of high-quality eating in an otherwise chain-driven Lahti. However, Roux has been successful in that and has been able to cultivate a clientele in the area that knows how to demand better and better food from their restaurant.

No wonder then that when it came to a location for a lunch within the programme for the Chapitre of the Bailliage of Finland on November 18, 2023 that Ravintola Roux was chosen to wow the attendees with its outstanding gastronomy.

Ravintola Roux
Rautatienkatu 7
15100 Lahti

Tel: +358 (0)10 27 92 930

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