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Mücheln, January 12, 2024

Mario Thürkind, innovative as ever
" Mario is Vice-Échanson of the Bailliage of Sachsen-Anhalt "

“Tuscany of the north” - a title that makes many people immediately think of the vineyards of Saale and Unstrut. From mighty steep slopes to gentle, rolling hills lush, green vine leaves are profuse in the growing season. Sylvan surroundings and the last rays of sunshine of the day readily give a feeling that can be described in just one word: deceleration.

If you step through the impressive entrance gates of Weingut Thürkind, you quickly become aware of this feeling. Arrive and enjoy your precious time to the fullest. The estate reflects both tradition and modernity.

In the 1990s, Birgit and Rudolf Thürkind laid the foundation for the winery, which is now known for its excellent quality developed after lots of dedication and hard work. After the turn of the millennium they handed over the fortunes to their son Mario who has combined his parents' traditions with his future-oriented ideas. In the Chaîne, Mario is Vice-Échanson of the Bailliage of Sachsen-Anhalt, an office he has held since his promotion in 2016.

A new highlight was created during the pandemic: the wine shop at the heart of the estate. A place, modern in an industrial style, where tastings of all kinds, events, seminars and farm-gate sales have found their new centre. Straight lines and always a connection to nature with natural materials and sustainability were the focus of the construction.

What of the estate’s wines?

The 2021 Silvaner from Burgwerbener Herzogsberg, Mario's secret favourite, impresses with fresh, light acidity and aromas of young apple and green pear. With a light body but a pleasant aftertaste, it goes perfectly with dishes involving asparagus, light starters and typical regional winemaker's snacks.

The Pinot Blanc from Gröster Steinberg has fresh citrus nuances, a subtle residual sweetness and the minerality typical of the area. In keeping with the slowly rising temperatures, the Zweigelt Rosé also impresses with its subtle residual sweetness and aromas of strawberries and red fruits. This spring partner, which seems almost Mediterranean, makes one want to go on holiday and enjoy oneself.

That's a good thing, because there is a lot to experience and enjoy at the Thürkind wine estate. Especially as the warmer season approaches, more guests are looking for the opportunity to slow down in the up-and-coming holiday region of Saale/Unstrut.

Innovative as ever, Mario Thürkind has broken new ground in this respect. For some time now, camping and caravan fans have been able to use the estate's green spaces to relax with a glass of Thürkind wine with a view of the vineyards. One can also have a great time in the country-style rooms and modern holiday apartments. Regular wine tastings and estate tours round off the estate's offerings.

Top tip for all Chaine members: if you order directly from the winery, you will receive a 10% discount on your order. They look forward to welcoming you!

Karin Deissner
Chargée de Presse

Weingut Thürkind
Neue Dorfstraße 9
06632 Mücheln

Tel: +49 (0)34633 22878

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