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Toronto, January 5, 2024

Truly a world-class cosmopolitan centre
" Many of Toronto's most popular downtown attractions are within walking distance of each other! "

Toronto is a city built with limitless imagination and the most diverse city in the world. Every city has a story and Toronto’s is written by its people - in over 80 languages and a 100 cultures, in poetry, in song, in sidewalk art, in restaurant menus, in architectural blueprints, in scientific discoveries, even in legislation. Toronto is a city of cultures; a city of enclaves; a city of pockets - and this is reflected in a wonderful mosaic of distinctive neighbourhoods. Some can be described as “ethnic,” while others reflect a particular lifestyle, business or leisure activity.

As a renowned multi-cultural haven, visitors can experience the unique lifestyles of many different regions simply by strolling down the street. Even a short walk takes you through one culture after another, passing along the way through the quaint neighbourhoods that make up an intimate metropolis. Beautiful architecture of the city’s settlers resides alongside modern, sleek, gold-tinted skyscrapers. There is a multitude of must-see attractions, including the CN Tower, Rogers Centre (formally the SkyDome) and the Royal Ontario Museum. You can lose yourself in the thriving arts scene, great theatres, exquisite dining, fabulous shopping and incredible sports.

Many of Toronto’s most popular downtown attractions are within walking distance of each other! A leisurely walk is all it takes to travel between vibrant and quirky neighbourhoods, great sporting venues, the CN Tower, major convention centres, endless shopping, top theatre, the waterfront and inspired cuisine.

Toronto was pleased to host the 62nd Annual Grand Chapitre of Canada in October 2023. The National Council, visiting Baillis Provinciaux and local Baillis together with Chaîne members from across Canada and around the world enjoying an action-packed weekend of events. The organizing committee compiled an outstanding array of amazing tours and culinary adventures culminating in the Gala Induction Evening.

Among the establishments selected to host events in the programme, those with Chaîne members were:

Vintage Conservatory and the Mellecey Wine Group
Cyndi Grossman, Échanson Honoraire - Bailliage of Canada

The Toronto Hunt
Marcel Bregstein (Assistant General Manager), Sommelier

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
Tim Reardon (General Manager), Vice-Chargé de Missions - Bailliage of Toronto

Article adapted from a detailed event report by Chargé de Presse Eric Jones
All photos courtesy of Tourism Toronto (c)

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