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Boksburg (South Africa), February 13, 2024

Delicious and nutritious
" incredibly versatile: salads to cookies, in appetizers, mains or desserts, both savoury and sweet "

Macadamia nuts are a buttery, crunchy superfood. Crammed full of healthy fats, protein, fibre, antioxidants, and minerals these nutrient-dense bites can be included in a heart-healthy diet. Naturally cholesterol free with cholesterol-lowering effects the fats in macadamia nuts also support brain and cognitive function, while simultaneously fighting inflammation.

Macadamia nuts are incredibly versatile: salads to cookies, in appetizers, mains or desserts, both savoury and sweet. Macadamia nuts are gluten-free. Compatible with paleo, keto, vegan and vegetarian diets. Having a ‘sweet’ seed cooking needs care to avoid caramelisation. This perfect whole food snack is stuffed full of healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamin and minerals. Sold in-shell or cracked and served raw or roasted and salted. Bursting with goodness, delicious and nutritious Macadamia nuts have yet to fully hit the headlines. Gaining popularity as an ingredient they add a luxurious taste to any dish … a real treat.

Interesting facts
The world’s largest producer of macadamia nuts is South Africa where the industry has expanded exponentially recently producing about 25% of the global 211,000 tonnes. Such is the quality of South African nuts they are sought worldwide. South Africa’s 1000 growers are committed to produce the very best macadamias in the world. It’s a slow process. Propagated by grafting commercial quantities of macadamia nuts are not produced for 7-10 years which makes this nut the most expensive. However once established a tree can continue to produce for 100 years.

Background to South Africa’s success
Social and environmental sustainability is the priority. Permanent and seasonal work opportunities occur at farm level, in factories and throughout the value chain. It’s macadamia industry invests in small scale farmers also in socio-economic development which benefits the wider communities. Active plans to reduce carbon footprint and concur with independent local and international codes of best practice ensure that consumers can be reassured that the nuts they enjoy are produced sustainability.

Chaîne connection - a mix of premium ingredient with exceptional talent!
Maciej Pisarak, of The Savoy London, was named as the Bailliage of Great Britain's Young Chef of the Year 2023. He was also awarded the first-ever Young Macadamia Chef Trophy in 2022. Macadamia nuts were a compulsory ingredient in the competition. Maciej’s imaginative interpretation was an out-and-out winner. He served up chicken breast stuffed with chicken thigh, chestnut mushrooms and macadamia nuts. Maciej received his trophy from Jill Whyte, representing SAMAC (Macadamia South Africa). Maciej commented, “As a Chef with a passion for pastry, I was already aware of the benefits of macadamia nuts and their amazing texture. It was a natural choice to include them in a savoury dish. Not only were they softly crunchy, but the good fats really helped the flavour.”

Prepared by a Chaîne News Online Staff Writer
Researched from various sources - E&OE - but with special thanks to SAMAC (Macadamias South Africa) for their invaluable assistance


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