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Fargues de Langon, February 26, 2024

An exceptional and prestigious Sauternes
" The estate has belonged to the Lur Saluces family since 1472 "

Château de Fargues is a very old wine estate located in the prestigious Sauternes appellation which is known for its unique sweet white wine. The estate has belonged to the Lur Saluces family since 1472, a unique example of continuity and longevity of heritage.

The history of this family is intimately linked to that of the region and its wine. From their ancestor Françoise-Joséphine, who took part in the advent of the successive sorting of the grapes, to Bertrand, who was at the birth of the French quality control system - the “Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée” - and Alexandre, who presided over the destiny of Yquem for a long time, the Lur Saluces are inseparable from the great wines of Sauternes.

In the 1920s, Bertrand de Lur Saluces, uncle of Alexandre, current owner of Château de Fargues, decided to abandon the production of red vines to devote himself exclusively to the production of a great Sauternes wine. Succeeding his Uncle Bertrand, Alexandre de Lur Saluces managed Chateau d’Yquem until 2004 in parallel with that of Fargues. He enlarged the vineyard of Fargues through the acquisition of quality plots from neighbours. He built a modern vat room and cellar around an old barn that housed dairy cows until 1980. More amazing is the partial restoration of the fortress, started in 2009.

After spending several years abroad, Philippe de Lur Saluces (the 16th generation) returned to the side of his father, Alexandre, to be fully involved in the renewal of the family heritage.

Today, the same desire for quality and rigour and the same ethics are still being perpetuated. The wine of Fargues embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and sense of risk and creativity of Lur Saluces.

Château de Fargues produces one of the great wines of Sauternes. The vineyard is planted with two grape varieties: Semillon (80%) which brings fatness, roundness and ample structure to the wine and Sauvignon Blanc (20%) cultivated for its aromatic side and its great freshness.

The magic of the Sauternes name lies in the action of Botrytis cinerea, a microscopic fungus better known as “noble rot”. When it appears in autumn, the juice in the grape is transformed, it loses its volume to acquire flavours of candied fruits and aromas of flowers.

The know-how of the Lur Saluces, their age-old experience, their absolute demand for quality, make Château de Fargues an exceptional wine.

Château de Fargues goes well with many dishes, on the sole condition that it is not confronted with sugar! It appreciates contrasts. Multiple combinations are to be explored: with oysters, shellfish, fish especially in sauce, white meats (poultry, pork, veal), game, spicy dishes, blue-veined cheeses, fruit pies or rhubarb.

On May 16, 2024, Philippe and Charlotte Lur Saluces are opening the doors of their magnificent Château de Fargues to the Bailliage of France to enable members to discover the quality for themselves as well as enjoying an elegantly refined lunch.

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Text and photographs courtesy of the Château de Fargues website

Château de Fargues
8 route des Écoles
33210 Fargues

Tel: +33 5 57 98 04 20

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