Portugal - Eugénia Queiroz

Bailliage of Portugal
Évora, February 27, 2024

Award-winning Sommelier
" Échanson of the Bailliage of Portugal, and wine professional at Origens restaurant "

Eugénia Queiroz, Échanson of the Bailliage of Portugal, and wine professional at Origens restaurant in Évora was recently awarded the Best Female Sommelier of 2023 by the W-Awards, in addition to winning the gold medal in the Fernando Ferramentas National Championship.

Her career started during university and since then, Eugénia has been involved with tourism and hospitality, leading her to formal education in sommellerie.

Her approach to wine selection is based on matching the restaurant's menu and achieving a flavour profile that appeals to a wide range of consumers. Her principles of pairing wines with food aim to provide experiences that go beyond the conventional, a practice that has made her recognized in the sector.

Eugénia keeps up to date with trends and developments in the industry through participation in wine fairs, visits to wineries, and interactions with professional colleagues. She emphasizes the importance of sustainability and respect for the terroir in her choices.

The most remarkable moment of her career occurred recently when she received the award for Best Sommelier in the Fernando Ferramentas competition, a testament to the esteem she has earned among her peers. Eugénia believes that success in the profession comes with continuous study, dedication, and the ability to embrace challenges.

Furthermore, she sees the Jeunes Sommeliers Competition as a valuable platform for those starting in the career, aligned with the Chaîne’s values of striving for excellence, providing opportunities for growth and professional appreciation.

These awards and her involvement reflect not only her personal commitment but also the positive impact on Portugal's wine scene.

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