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Bailliage of Thailand
Bangkok, February 27, 2024

On the Chao Phraya River
" When you are next in Bangkok be sure to enjoy the experience for yourself "

No visit to Thailand is complete without sampling its distinctive traditional cuisine. No visit to Bangkok offers quite the same cultural tranquillity as a journey along the historic Chao Phraya River.

The Chao Phraya is the major river in Thailand. It starts in Nakhon Sawan province at the confluence of two small rivers. After this, it flows south for circa 370 kilometres (230 miles) passing through Bangkok and then into the Gulf of Thailand.

Sightseeing cruise when they pass through Bangkok are especially favoured since many of the city’s principal attractions are easily viewable (and accessible) from the waterway.

On the evening of January 25th, Manohra Cruises (operated by the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort) welcomed members of the Bailliage of Bangkok Maha Nakhon and their guests aboard a former rice barge chartered for the occasion.

The Manohra Cruises rice barges are antique and carefully restored to preserve the original artistry. Carved from teak and with a traditional canopy, the setting is intimate and guests enjoy a cool river breeze. These iconic vessels were once the primary mode of transport on the river, particularly during the Thonburi period in the mid-18th century, harking back to a golden era when Bangkok was a major trading destination.

Having set sail at dusk everyone was looking forward to an unforgettable journey of city sights and culinary delights. While gliding past royal palaces, glittering temples and striking landmarks the group dined on fine Thai cuisine from an exclusive menu featuring a modern take on Thai classics with perfectly matched wines.

Perfect weather conditions and a full moon made this river cruise a wonderful event to remember. When you are next in Bangkok be sure to enjoy the experience for yourself.

Peter Windgasse
Bailli, Bailliage of Bangkok Maha Nakhon

Manohra Cruises
257 Charoen Nakhon Road
Khwaeng Samre
Khet Thon Buri
Bangkok 10600

Tel: +66 2 431 9487

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