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Bailliage of Austria
Ossiach, March 12, 2024

Guest satisfaction and joy is the driving force
" Chef Gerhard, acknowledged to be the 'fish chef of the nation' "

At the former hearth of the smithy in Stiftsschmiede, the excellent but above all passionate Chef and host Gerhard Satran, who is Bailli Provincial of Carinthia, uses only regional dishes from the Alps-Adriatic region.

The menu changes according to the season. What always remains, however, is the high-quality wild fish which Chef Gerhard, acknowledged to be the “fish chef of the nation”, transforms into unforgettable sensory experiences and palate delights.

Lake View - the inspiration
From the terrace, guests enjoy a fantastic view over the lake and gaze at the atmospheric sunset in the evening hours. The splendid view of Lake Ossiach naturally inspires Chef Gerhard in the kitchen as well.

Fire - the central element
A forge without a blazing fire - unimaginable. And this fire, this passion and love, also burns in the hearts of the Stiftsschmiede kitchen brigade when creating our dishes for the guests.

Fish - a passion
Chef Gerhard sources local fish from the Payr fish farm in Sirnitz, Central Carinthia, a sustainable operation with the convincing and holistic concept “from egg to product”. The fish are allowed to grow slowly in eight-degree cold spring water and are brought to the Stiftsschmiede kitchen in the old forge to be served on the plates effectively “fresh from the catch”.

Joy - the motivation
Processing the finest basic ingredients is the focus of the kitchen brigade. The satisfaction and joy of the guests is the driving force. When people arrive as a guest but leave as a friend, the Stiftsschmiede staff members know that they have achieved all their dreams.

In the area not to be missed
Near to Stiftsschmiede, you will find Ossiach Abbey, numerous cycling and hiking trails, including the popular Alpe Adria Trail. What’s more, the establishment has private access to the lake. For relaxed and active moments, Carinthia's first Slow Trail to Bleistätter Moor, starting directly in front of the house, ensures a tranquil experience.

The city of Villach is only a 15-minute drive away, and in the opposite direction is the Kanzelbahn Gerlitzen, one of the most popular excursion mountains in the Villach region. It is just a 10-minute drive or, during the summer months, can be reached by a sightseeing cruise ship on Lake Ossiach. The pier is conveniently located right in front of the house.

Ossiach is widely known beyond national borders for its high-quality cultural performances as part of the Carinthian Summer. Throughout the year, the CMA (Carinthian Music Academy) also strives to organize a series of noteworthy events.

Ossiach 4
9570 Ossiach

Tel: +43 (0)676 4011793

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