Türkiye - The Kilic's at Bistro Floyd

Bailliage of Türkiye
Alanya, March 25, 2024

Speaking from the heart
" The Chaîne community in Türkiye is vibrant and welcoming, igniting gastronomic enthusiasm wherever we go "

Chargée de Missions Leonie Kılıç recounted to the Chaîne News Online …

“Navigating through life’s intricacies, from family to career and my deep involvement with the Chaîne, proves quite a task. So, I'll simply speak from the heart, allowing inspiration to flow. I'll try to keep it short.

My upbringing was a whirlwind of hospitality and adventure, courtesy of my parents, seasoned professionals in the field. We traversed around 20 different locations, as they embarked on new ventures in the Netherlands and Spain. Tireless dedication to their craft instilled in me a deep appreciation for hospitality. I never imagined it would consume every waking hour of my life!

Yet, as fate would have it, I find myself wearing countless hats in the industry: chef, host, waitress, problem solver, entertainer, and much more. My parents moulded me into a multifaceted professional, a true embodiment of the hospitality dream. I now co-own the restaurant Bistro Floyd with my husband, Fuat who is Vice-Argentier in the Bailliage of Antalya. We pour our hearts and souls into our work each day.

Hospitality runs in my veins, a truth I've come to embrace wholeheartedly. A career path filled with thrills, challenges, and immense emotional rewards. During one of my worldly escapades I met Fuat in the enchanting coastal town of Alanya, Türkiye.

Fuat's restaurant, a gem catering to Dutch tourists, became our love story’s backdrop. Despite its humble beginnings in 1990, the restaurant has evolved to offer a delightful fusion of local Turkish cuisine and Dutch specialties, bridging cultures with each dish served.

Even amidst culinary delights, there's an underlying tension when Dutch guests seek familiar tastes, occasionally unsettling our Turkish friends. A reminder that culinary preferences are deeply rooted, reflecting a sense of identity and belonging.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has been unwavering. Guests have evolved into friends, creating a vibrant community around Bistro Floyd. On special occasions, our restaurant becomes a gathering place for Dutch nationals, adorned in orange, celebrating their heritage.

Both Fuat and I are active Chaîne members, a privilege we cherish deeply. The Chaîne community in Türkiye is vibrant and welcoming, igniting gastronomic enthusiasm wherever we go.

Years ago, we hosted a memorable “Dutch Experience” event at our restaurant, showcasing the richness of Dutch cuisine. The pride reflected on our co-workers’ faces was truly gratifying.

Türkiye boasts seven distinct bailliages, each with its own unique atmosphere and character. This diversity mirrors the richness we encounter during our travels at Chaîne events worldwide.

We have found an incredible, inspiring, and enjoyable community, where strangers become friends over first-class food and premium drinks. It's a significant aspect of our lives, filled with unforgettable experiences and cherished moments.

Hospitality, to us, is the art of creating warmth in every interaction. Turning strangers into friends. Moments into memories.

What makes us happy? Hospitality!

Restaurant Bistro Floyd
Damlataş Cad.
No. 19 Çarşı Mahallesi
07400 Alanya

Tel: +90 242 511 44 44

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