Thailand Dinner

Bailliage of Bangkok Rattanakosin, Thailand
Bangkok, January 19, 2023

A personal culinary journey
" at Potong, helmed by Chef Pichaya 'Pam' Utharntharm "

Out of all of the evenings planned by the Bailliage it would seem few were as anticipated as this event at Potong, helmed by Chef Pichaya “Pam” Utharntharm.

The raft of recent accolades for the restaurant includes Conde Nast Traveller’s “The Best New Restaurant in the World: 2022 Hot List”, Michelin’s “Opening of the Year Award” and, of course, that Michelin star. Potong’s speciality is Chef Pam’s own very personal vision of Thai-Chinese cuisine both food of her childhood and fount of her culinary inspiration.

Potong is set in an unassuming five-storey building on the fringes of Chinatown’s “Old Market”. Roughly translated as “simple” Potong is also the name of Chef Pam’s traditional Chinese medicine family business. The restaurant, now on the site of that former business headquarters, has lasted for over a century. That’s four generations as the city changed around it.

Chef Pam’s cuisine reflects that history: a stable foundation of classic Chinese cooking, overlaid with traditional Thai flourishes with French techniques Chef Pam learned whilst working at Jean-Georges in New York.

When members and their guests gathered at this once-humble shop, they were treated to a very personal culinary story narrated through a series of deceptively “simple” yet well-crafted dishes, all 21 of them! Wine pairings were just as well-considered. The end of the evening saw a remake of Thai-Chinese street desserts.

Happy diners were sent out into the night well refreshed and, perhaps even, a wee bit stuffed.

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