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Bailliage of Slovenia
Ljubljana, February 24, 2024

A gourmet's love
" my life-long dream of opening a restaurant became true with CUBO "

Officier Maître Restaurateur Boštjan Trstenjak reflected, “CUBO... Have 20 years already passed? It seems to me like it was yesterday that I was choosing the restaurant's name with friends, creating the first menus, assembling the team, buying equipment, etc.”

He continued, “As if only yesterday, my life-long dream of opening a restaurant became true with CUBO, a small but ambitious project. I wanted to make it as I daydreamed - as a wholesome story of food, ambiance, team. As with every start, ours was slow, difficult too. However, once patrons grew familiar with CUBO, many of them became regulars. We grew along with them and many things have changed in the past ten years: we expanded the restaurant, completely redecorated its interior, kept adding new dishes to the menu and new wines to the wine list.”

Boštjan concluded, “I am happy that the most important things remain unchanged - my passion for the restaurant, the loyal and creative team, but most of all the restaurant’s customers who have almost developed into family friends.

The Bailliage of Slovenia dined at the restaurant in January. Conseiller Gastronomique Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj observed, “CUBO has set the bar for 2024. Starting the Chaîne year in CUBO - and for the seventeenth time - we can certainly talk about tradition. And an important component of this tradition is the setting of the quality bar by this restaurant. The high standard achieved by Boštjan Trstenjak, together with his kitchen and service brigades, is for us an excellent guide to our satisfaction curve and measure of hospitality.”

A renowned gastronome, Prof. Dr. Bogataj enthused about the dessert served at the Bailliage’s event, “The finishing touch to this dinner was the tiramisu - one of CUDO’s proven dessert classics. Its serving is a small ceremony or “theatre”, as the dessert is brought to the table under a glass, which is then carefully raised in front of the guest and a sweet cylinder is displayed on the plate. [Ed. see photos in the gallery]

Last but not least, CUBO was the first Slovenian restaurant to publish a cookbook and the only one now that has published two. The books “CUBO desserts” and “CUBO home” were published in Slovene and English. Both have received prestigious international awards.

Text and photos courtesy of the CUBO website with further photos courtesy of the Bailliage of Slovenia

Restavracija CUBO
Šmartinska cesta 55
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Tel: +386 1 521 15 15

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