Türkiye - Sibel Kutman Oral

Bailliage of Türkiye
Istanbul, March 15, 2024

Third generation member at the head of Doluca
" She established the Doluca Marketing Department which has continued developing the company's promotional and sales activities "

Professionnel du Vin Sibel Kutman Oral played an important role in the promotion of wine in Türkiye making it popular and sought after. She is the third generation of her family at the head of Doluca.

First generation: Nihat Ahmet Kutman
Founder of Doluca, first Turkish oenologist and definitely a wine visionary, Nihat devoted his life to bring Doluca to where it is today. He passed away in Istanbul in 1980.

Second generation: Ahmet Kutman
Ahmet having introduced several firsts in Turkish winemaking industry continues his efforts uninterruptedly for improving viticulture and winemaking of high quality. The Sarafin Project was launched in 1989 by Ahmet, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Doluca and prime winemaker, together with Güven Nil. It was an important milestone for the improvement of viticulture of high quality in Türkiye.

Third generation: Ali Kutman
Ali pioneers the issue of “producing what is proper” by virtue of research and development activities. He holds office in the production department with Ahmet Kutman. Ali has two children, Efe and Ceylan, growing up as the fourth generation. Ali is on Doluca’s Board of Directors.

Third generation: Sibel Kutman Oral
Daughter of Ahmet Kutman, Sibel Kutman Oral was born in Istanbul in 1975. After graduating from Robert College, in 1992 Sibel went to Wesleyan University in Connecticut, USA. After completing her education, Sibel stayed in New York to continue her career in the field of modern dance. Dance is her first passion. She danced in New York professionally.

However, at the end of 1997 Sibel decided to return to Türkiye and join Doluca as the third generation. She established the Doluca Marketing Department which has continued developing the company’s promotional and sales activities. She has a son, Baran Oral, who is growing up as the fourth generation. Sibel is a member of Doluca’s Board of Directors.

Headquarters and Central Office
Meltem Sk. İş Kuleleri
Kule 3 Kat:10 Dış Kapı No:14 İç Kapı No:11

Tel: +90 (212) 213 40 00

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