Lebanon - Maroun Chedid

Bailliage of Lebanon
Beirut, March 27, 2024

A pioneer specialising in the culinary arts
" Maroun's vision is to always be at the forefront of the gastronomic scene sharing progressive knowledge and innovative culinary experiences "

Lebanese cuisine takes us on a journey into a world of emotion and pleasure, of spending time with others and sharing. The main ingredients, like olive oil, pine nuts, sumac, Za’atar, orange blossom water, bulgar, freekeh, pomegranate molasses and olives, take us straight to the Mediterranean, reminding us of leisurely meals with friends and a host of forgotten fragrances and flavours.

Meze is an art form in its own right and gives Lebanese cuisine a unique identity. This culinary tradition of serving up to forty different hot and cold dishes at the same time is a wonderful opportunity to share a joyful experience, a real highlight of social life.

Lebanon, with its nature, the unique hospitality of its inhabitants, wide range of culinary traditions and origins, and the Mediterranean region have always fascinated Lebanese chef, Conseiller Culinaire Maroun Chedid.

Maroun enjoys sharing his culinary history, his passion for ingredients and the secrets of Lebanese cuisine, along with all the subtle and delicious elements that surround it. Maroun explains: “As a chef from my generation, I owe it to myself to preserve and pass on this diversity and culinary richness. I see myself as go-between who works with the best ingredients whilst upholding the identity and heritage of Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine.”

These days, healthy eating is a popular topic, and international culinary trends are encouraging consumers to (re)discover and preserve regional varieties of vegetables, fruits and cereals. We are keen to promote a new way of eating, going back to basics and paying tribute to simplicity and authenticity.

Inspired by these new consumer trends, as well as by the popularity of Lebanese cuisine around the world, the chef has launched his own range of Lebanese products and recipes, ‘Georgette by Maroun Chedid’. As a tribute to his mother, a source of inspiration and culinary discovery, this chef has worked extensively with the producers around him to create a line of Lebanese products. He works with textures and explores new techniques to breathe new life into forgotten sensations and ancient skills, adding his own twist.

Through his company, Maroun Chedid s.a.l., Maroun is a pioneer specialising in the culinary arts. Since its inception in 2012, its main objective has been to develop, deliver and execute refined culinary experiences. Passion for cooking, attention to detail and rigour are the building blocks of this company whose portfolio encompasses five strategic business entities:
- CopperTrey Consulting
- Maroun Chedid Cooking Academy
- An e-commerce division focused on selling cookware and terroir products
- Citrus - outside catering
- Restaurants: Georgette and Ritage

Maroun’s vision is to always be at the forefront of the gastronomic scene sharing progressive knowledge and innovative culinary experiences. He has successfully taken on the mission of bringing innovation to the culinary landscape while embracing the highest standards of excellence in service, product quality and culinary education. Maroun genuinely enjoys his work believing that passion is the main driving force in enabling the ability to compete and delivery of a first-class product.

Maroun Chedid s.a.l
Lebanon Street
Saifi, Ashrafieh, Street 61

Tel: +961 1 323 084/5

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