Croatia - Ivica Max Krizmanić

Bailliage of Croatia
Zagreb, February 14, 2024

An impressive career
" within Croatia he is reputed for his exceptional contribution to the promotion of Croatian tourism, and improvement of collaboration in the tourism industry "

In 2024, Maître Hôtelier Ivica Max Krizmanić marks 30 years at The Esplanade Zagreb with exactly 10 years as the hotel’s General Manager making him one of the longest serving managers at the establishment.

A crowning achievement of his impressive career as well as being a great honour for both The Esplanade and the city of Zagreb, at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2022, he was named the best General Manager in the world of hospitality within Southern Europe.

This was not the only international recognition he has received. Furthermore, within Croatia he is reputed for his exceptional contribution to the promotion of Croatian tourism, and improvement of collaboration in the tourism industry.

Not only The Esplanade’s General Manager, Ivica Max Krizmanić is also:
- Council member of the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb
- Croatian Tourist Board Assembly member
- FIET (Croatian Association of Tourism Journalists and Writers) honorary member
- Mentor to future professionals
- Ambassador of Knowledge at the Life Learning Academy
- Prominent member of EHMA, the prestigious European Hotel Managers Association

Ivica’s contribution is best perceived in the successful business of The Esplanade which under his leadership reports constant growth and increase in income and continues a successful maintenance of the hotel’s image as an esteemed catering and hospitality institution.

With his charm, sincere smile and cheerful spirit, he has won over hotel staff, many renowned guests and clients, as well as navigating diplomatic protocol. Ivica has shaken hands with and hosted the highest-ranking personalities, members of royal families, showbiz and sports celebrities. Result? Many interesting stories to tell.

Ivica says he first set foot in The Esplanade when he was three years old through his father having worked there for 30 years. He grew up in Zagreb becoming a mechanical technician by profession. However, further education at management schools (Rezidor Hotel Group and in the USA at Cornell University) saw a move into hotel management.

After 30 years at the establishment, he knows the hotel inside out - from the basement to the roof. Having set up the current Esplanade the hotel is run according to the highest international standards but keeping up to date with the introduction of new trends and technologies thus improving and modernising the business to attract new generations of guests.

The overall aim is to provide a discreet, personalised, friendly service with the result that guests are happy to return to The Esplanade again and again.

The Esplanade Zagreb
Mihanovićeva 1
10000 Zagreb

Tel: +385 1 4566 666

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