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Bailliage United States of America
Metairie (Louisiana), September 8, 2020

Let's get our members some attention!
" Chancelier Rufus Cressend has shared with me an initiative they have developed in the USA "

Chancelier Rufus Cressend has shared with me an initiative they have developed in the USA. It has the intention of giving Bailliage members some attention as well as introducing guests to the fun and benefits of being a Chaîne member. Rufus believes that the principle of the initiative might be of interest to a wider audience hence this article on the international Chaîne News On-line.

Marie Jones
Managing Editor

Local Bailliages were circulated as follows …   

Dear Baillis,

Let’s get our members some attention! A great idea that requires little effort on your part and can be a huge benefit to your Bailliage. Let’s talk about the benefit of doing a DINE AROUND!

Simple to set up

Bailli involvement includes:

- Contact a restaurant to set a time and a date.  Usually a Monday or Tuesday.  The idea is to benefit the Restaurant on a night that is slow for them, so they are glad to have you!

- Instruct the restaurant to set up tables of four or better in an area that keeps you together (within the scope of any current COVID-19 regulations).
- There is no set menu, everyone orders on their own. Request separate bills per couple or individual.

- Send an email to members, encourage them to invite a guest, with phone number, time, date, and address of the restaurant for them to call in their own reservation.
- The member and guest call in and let the restaurant know that they are part of the Chaîne group.

- Keeps members involved.
- Members can invite a guest (potential new members).
- There is no administration as everyone is paying their own way
    as previously arranged by the Bailli when setting up the Dine Around.
- Helps the Bailliage explore restaurants for a future Chaîne event.
- Supports local Chefs and restaurants.

Vive la Chaîne!

Refus Cressend

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