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OMGD Mohamed Hammam

Interview with the Chair of the Ordre Mondial Committee

Copenhagen, February 8, 2021

" Clearly, whatever is possible in 2021 depends on the prevailing situation with the pandemic "

For its 2020 edition, the Chaîne's international magazine, the “Revue internationale de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs”, caught up with Mohamed Hammam, Member of the Conseil d’Administration, in his capacity as Committee Chair of the OMGD (l’Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs) for the latest news and developments.

Six months on this article both revisits the original interview and also includes an update where appropriate.

Mohamed recounts …
Following on from the successful year that was 2019 - a very important milestone in the history of OMGD which witnessed a substantial worldwide increase both in the number of members and activities. Pandemic-affected 2020 was one of consolidation.

A very unusual year
2020 began with the same enthusiasm and optimism as in previous years focusing on the execution of our planned actions and activities. The continuous improvement and further development of the OMGD membership saw new countries having OMGD groups.

Together with my Committee, we have been working closely with Baillis Délégués and Échansons to assist them reaching targets and planning activities where possible. Together with our colleague, Bailli Délégué of Spain Rosa Román and her National Board, we spent several months preparing the detailed programme for a planned 3rd International OMGD Grand Chapitre due to have been held in September 2020 in Spain.

However, with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic worldwide since, 2020 in fact turned out to be a very challenging and unusual year. The implementation of mandatory preventive measures, the complete lockdown and the social distancing almost everywhere around the globe made it impossible for us to realise any planned activities. This included the International OMGD Grand Chapitre which has been postponed until autumn 2021 instead.

Realised projects
Despite how 2020 turned out, we somehow managed to achieve three essential items in our list of projects, namely:

1. The Conseil d’Administration approved the necessary additions and amendments to the Règlement Intérieur (the membership rules) to incorporate the OMGD. This project was achieved with the significant help of International Vice-President Marie Jones in her capacity as “Keeper of the Rules”. Final approval of the Conseil Magistral is to follow as soon as there can be a meeting. 

2. The Conseil d’Administration approved the newly-designed OMGD logo, which was one of the International OMGD Committee’s visions since its rebirth in 2015. The new logo has been an essential element in reviving the image and rebranding of the OMGD. It was officially launched with the newsletter sent to all Baillis Délégués and Échansons in March 2020. The design of the modern-style logo was a long process. The involvement of Saihei Makinami, a fellow member of the Conseil d’Administration, whose profession is that of graphic design, was very much appreciated.

3. With the implementation of the new logo it was necessary to change the unofficial OMGD ribbon that had been in circulation for many years in many national Bailliages worldwide. The new design was officially recognised by the Conseil d’Administration and accordingly is being integrated into the Règlement Intérieur. In addition we have also designed a special OMGD pin. Both items are in the course of being manufactured. Soon they will be available as Chaîne “boutique” items, to be ordered online or through the International Headquarters in Paris.

2021 Activities
Clearly whatever is possible in 2021 depends on the prevailing situation with the pandemic. The principal objectives will be concentrated on the resumption of events and activities couple with the continuous improvement and further development of the OMGD membership both in number of members and countries. To this end we shall continue to work closely with Baillis Délégués and Échansons.

We certainly hope to realise our postponed International OMGD Grand Chapitre and plan new venues for future Grand Chapitres beyond 2021.

In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to thank President Atallah, the members of the Conseil d’Administration, and my fellow members of the International OMGD Committee for their invaluable support. I would also like to thank all Baillis Délégués and Échansons for their commitment and ongoing enthusiasm for taking the OMGD to the next level.

Vive la Chaîne and Vive l’Ordre Mondial!

Mohamed Hammam
Member of the Conseil d’Administration
Chair, OMGD International Committee

Hanoi, January 12, 2021

A casual, fun evening

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