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Jeunes Sommeliers Competition 2021

International Final - Lyon, November 10-12, 2021

For Bordeaux in September now read Lyon in November

After much reflection given the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, especially in France, the Committee of the Jeunes Sommeliers Competition has taken the difficult decision to postpone the 2021 International Final from being held in Bordeaux in September.

It will now be held concurrent with the International Grand Chapitre & AGM scheduled for Lyon in November.

Given the lockdown situation in many countries is not as relaxed as it needs to be, the Committee has further decided that the deadline for entries being registered is to be put back also by two months, ie. from 30 June to 31 August.

The detailed programme for the International Final in Lyon will be published later. Meanwhile, here is the outline …

Wednesday 10 November
All day tour of vineyards/wineries
Light lunch
Casual dinner for the Competition group

Thursday 11 November
All day Semi-final of the Competition
Snack lunch
Formal dinner for the Competition group outside of the Grand Chapitre programme

Friday 12 November
Morning (09h30-12h30) Final of the Competition to place the 1-2-3
Buffet lunch
Evening: Private reception for the Competition group followed by the Awards/Induction Ceremony and Dinner - the event being part of the Grand Chapitre programme

Saturday 13 November
Competitors and Judges depart

After the enforced cancellation of the 2020 Final, the Committee is keen to avoid another year without the event taking place. Accordingly, it is to be hoped that come November restrictions as we have known them will be a thing of the past!

Best regards
Marie Jones

International Vice-President Marie Jones, Chair
Klaus Tritschler, Member of the Conseil d’Administration (Germany)
Philip Evins, Member of the Conseil Magistral (Great Britain)

Chair of the Panel of Judges
Brian Julyan, Officer Maître Sommelier (Great Britain)

Technical Committee
Brian Julyan, Chair, Officer Maître Sommelier (Great Britain)
Charles Bennett Grand Échanson des États-Unis (USA)
Christine Suominen, Échanson (Finland)
Dominique Crombé, Maître Sommelier (Belgium)
John Studdert, Échanson (Australia)

Best wishes

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December 14, 2020

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