Belgium Seaweed Experience

Bailliage Belgium
Bredene & Ostend, May 22-23, 2022

Seaweed gastronomy
" On the road with Donald Deschagt, the renowned "seaweed chef of Belgium", we arrived at the North Sea coast "

Belgium held its first “seaweed month” celebration which was the moment for members and their guests to learn all about seaweed and gastronomy.

On the road with Donald Deschagt, the renowned “seaweed chef of Belgium”, we arrived at the North Sea. Wearing sturdy shoes, we went to the mussel beds where Donald taught us all about the different kinds of seaweeds and their use.

Then we went to his gastronomic restaurant, L’Homard et la Moule in Bredene. Here we learnt about the cooking methods, ingredients and how to start using seaweed in the daily kitchen. Chef Donald prides himself on pursuing innovation in his cooking but always respecting tradition.

A short walk took us to Harbour’s Kitchen where Maître Rôtisseur Kim Vandierendonck spoiled us with a great tapas board for sea fishermen washed down with beautiful local beers. After that we enjoyed a North Sea fish soup with matching wines followed by a superb range of desserts.

For the diehards and professionals, the next day started with a charcuterie workshop with algae. Karel Deschildere the renowned “butcher of Ostend” taught our members how to prepare dry sausages and pâté with seaweed as a substitute for salt.

We can say that Belgian members are ready for the future: namely, seaweed gastronomy!

Ilse Duponcheel
Bailli Délégué
Member of the Conseil Magistral

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