Tunisia - Haykel Akrout

Bailliage of Tunisia
Hammamet Nord, October 5, 2022

Career hotelier is new Bailli Délégué
" I wish Haykel all the best for taking the Bailliage of Tunisia forward "

Founding Bailli Délégué Ezzedine Chaieb decided that, after over 13 years in office (dating from the Bailliage’s inauguration in March 2009), it was time to stand down and become Honoraire.

Replacing Ezzedine is Haykel Akrout. He joined the Chaîne in 2012 as a Maître Hôtelier and was promoted to Argentier in April 2016.

Paying tribute to his predecessor, Haykel said, “I would like to formally recognize the tremendous job Ezzedine Chaieb did both in creating the Bailliage of Tunisia as a Chargé de Missions for two years and then very successfully being its Bailli Délégué for so many years. He richly deserves to be properly thanked and this is my first objective; I would like to emphasise to all the Chaîne members in Tunisia all of his outstanding work and the many sacrifices he made for the benefit of the Bailliage.”

Haykel continued, “Unfortunately, as in so many Bailliages, the situation in Tunisia these past two years deteriorated particularly because of the COVID crisis but also as a result of other reasons. The challenge is to slowly but surely climb the slope back up to past glories. Following my appointment, I now must think about the composition of a new National Council, keeping some of the current officers for continuity but also bringing in new blood to take the Bailliage forward.”

A hotelier by profession, Haykel’s career began in 1994. Currently - since March 2021 - he is General Manager of the Royal Azur Hotel in Hammamet Nord which, thanks to its golden beaches, is one of the primary tourist destinations in Tunisia. Before this appointment, for nine years he was General Manager of the Khayam Garden Hotel in Nabeul.

On behalf of President Atallah and the International Board, I wish Haykel all the best for taking the Bailliage of Tunisia forward - onwards and upwards.

Marie Jones
International Vice-President

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