Croatia Grand Chapitre

Bailliage Croatia
Zadar, October 6-9, 2022

Good company and a positive atmosphere
" In the afternoon the Induction Ceremony took place in the beautiful scenario of the Proveditor's Palace "

Despite the cancellation due to COVID-19 and other unexpected situations last year, we did manage to have another successful Grand Chapitre this time!

The three-day gathering officially started with the Welcome Party on the Falkensteiner Hotel terrace against a sunset backdrop. A beautifully warm, autumn day, real Indian summer rewarded us.

Bailli Délégué Dalibor Greganić welcomed everyone as we refreshed ourselves with Prosecco and tasty snacks.

The next day, after visiting Maškovića Han, we headed towards Masvin Family Farm passing by Lake Vrana. Masvin, short for olives and wine in Croatian, is a unique project in Dalmatia. It uses ecological methods applying modern techniques and technology to produce three basic products: extra virgin olive oil, wine, fresh and dried figs. We started with the indispensable traditional welcome toast, after which we enjoyed local cuisine in a typical Dalmatian tavern atmosphere. Cheese, ham, olives, wine, baking bell pepper dishes were accompanied by songs and guitar playing.

In the evening where to go for a dinner! Such a hard decision!

- Corte Restaurant in Zadar city centre with its host, Maître Restaurateur Andrej Vrsaljko, justified his recent Chaîne membership. Excellent service and perfect wine pairing!

- Maitre Hôtelier Erik Pavin hosted another group of members in his hotel and restaurant Niko where his joy and positive energy infected everyone.

- Griblja Tavern in Sukošan was a typical Dalmatian choice where everyone could enjoy the exquisite cuisine of Maitre Rôtisseur Braco Sanjin who is a Jury member for our National Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition.

Saturday morning: the perfect weather continued as we visited the city centre reached by boat. We enjoyed a guided tour which included visiting the Museum of Ancient Glass followed by brunch with sea views.

In the afternoon the Induction Ceremony took place in the beautiful scenario of the Proveditor’s Palace where 23 new members were inducted. Klaus Tritschler from Germany presided over the Induction Ceremony in his capacity as a Member of the Conseils d’Administration and Magistral.

Afterwards, all the new members headed to Falkensteiner Hotel where the Gala Dinner was held. Beautiful surroundings, many special guests, hardworking and passionate staff, a local singing group, and the special menu of course made this dinner even more special.

Bailli Délégué Greganić gave the welcome speech, highlighting the main activities of our Bailliage in the past year which included publishing the book about Kulen and staging a National Final of the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition for the first time. Branko Dukić, City of Zadar’s Mayor, together with Božidar Longin, Prefect of Zadar County, also warmly welcomed all the attendees.


Pumpkin, polenta, truffle butter
Degarra, Pošip - Zadar

Langoustine, tomatoes, buckwheat, sea fennel
Degarra, Pošip - Zadar

Jerusalem artichoke consommé
Jerusalem artichoke chips, lemon gnudi*
Kolarić, Pinot Sivi - Plešivica

Cappelletti, goat’s cheese
almond, garlic, egg yolk
Fiolić, Maraština - Zadar

Beef striploin, ceps
parsnip, sunflower seeds
Rizman, Tribidrag - Klek

Pumpkin seeds ice cream

Degarra, Bomary - Zadar

After three days spent in good company and a positive atmosphere, we truly believe everyone has taken home many good memories.

Koraljka Tironi
Chargée de Presse

Photography: Tea Mardešić

* Ed: Gnudi are gnocchi-like dumplings made with ricotta cheese instead of potato, with semolina. The result is often a lighter, "pillowy" dish, unlike the often denser, chewier gnocchi.

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