Costa Rica Chapitre

Bailliage of Costa Rica
Playa Flamingo, December 17, 2022

Festive season celebrations
" Connecting cultures over the love of food has a beautiful way of bringing us all together "

The perfect wine pairing and celebrating the festive season in Costa Rica has the same wonderful effect.

Our venue for the Chapitre was Terrazas Flamingo, hosted by Chef Jean-Luc Taulère, Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire, and his incredible team.

Terrazas Flamingo is on Costa Rica’s golden coast, in the pristine beach town of Playa Flamingo. One hundred members and guests wore white to celebrate the festive holidays and get ready for the show! Chef Jean-Luc led us on a culinary food adventure of exceptional authentic dishes through Costa Rica, France, Italy, Japan, Peru.

First act
Lovers of food and wine gathered under sunset skies connected by Costa Rica’s culture, pleasures of the table and camaraderie mingling with old and new friends.

The welcome reception featured Lopez Brut from Mendoza in Argentina. Bubbly and refreshing with hors d’oeuvres inspired by five countries:
- Peruvian clams gratiné
- perfectly crispy Japanese shrimp tempura
- delicious Italian arancini mushroom with truffle oil
- Costa Rica’s bite sized Chifrijo
- expertly crafted bite-sized boule of French bread filled with French onion soup.

A special announcement for Bailli Délégué Alain Taulère’s 80th birthday was made. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” creating a beautiful moment. Alain launched the Chaîne in Costa Rica in 2005. The Bailliage now has over 100 members.

Second act
The Induction Ceremony saw 16 new members presented with their ribbons. These included Head Chef Angela Morales. Having started at Mar y Sol 18 years ago with Jean-Luc Taulère, she’s now Head Chef of his catering team. Jean-Luc received his 20-years Commandeur Award.

Third act
Gastronomy stations delighted appetites offering dishes with delectable wine pairings:

- Peruvian ceviche and shrimp causa limeña paired with a Spanish rosé

- Sushi in a panga boat with pork curry buns prepared by our Japanese born member Sayaka McPherson paired with Mesta Organic Rosé from Spain.

- Pizza on focaccia bread with a white sauce and fresh lobster prepared in a brick oven, green salad with arugula, Italian vinaigrette paired with Cavit, an Italian Pinot Grigio.

- Representing Costa Rica was a beef soup mini pot with rice and fresh palm heart. Argentinian Perdices Reserva Pinot Noir accompanied.

- France was showcased by mouth-watering beef tenderloin on grilled baguette, potato pavé, duck confit. Argentinian Rincon Famoso enhanced the flavours.

The Terrazas team was welcomed on stage. Jean-Luc Taulère and his colleagues in the kitchen were applauded for their culinary feats as were the service staff members for their front of house exploits.

Fourth act
“Pura Vida Show” by Darin Talbot - a preview of the live musical performance before its launch in January. A taste of future weekly performances at Terrazas celebrating Costa Rica’s history and values.

During the show dessert was served in a bamboo boat: one mini dessert from every country visited that evening: sospiro limeño (Peru); black sesame ice cream (Japan); panna cotta with Campari reduction (Italy); chocolate espresso mousse (Costa Rica); red raspberry macaron (France).

Fifth act
Renowned Tamarindo DJ, Alex Orias, created sophisticated music for dancing which topped a fabulous evening.

Connecting cultures over the love of food has a beautiful way of bringing us all together. Everyone brought a toy to donate to a child in need over the festive holiday. We left the evening extremely pleased with the kindness and generosity of our community to make a better world for others.

Based on a detailed account prepared by Stephanie Florentina, Chargée de Presse Provinciale

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