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Warsaw, March 1, 2023

Always ready to welcome members from other Bailliages
" Our Bailliage is small but flourishing "

Poland is a young, dynamic Bailliage. Forty of our members were present at the Chapitre held in Warsaw at the French Ambassador’ residence on February 8th.

In the latter months of 2022, we organized three events: in September a family brunch and cavalry parade at the Belvedere Restaurant in the Royal Lazienki Park; in October it was the “French Touch” Gala at the National Opera; in December, a dinner at Dyletanci Restaurant in Warsaw, with Anna Maria Jopek, one of the most popular Polish artists, who sang just for us.

Building on the success of the Chapitre, there is a full programme of events planned for 2023.

We shall meet again in Cracow on April 21st to celebrate spring with Salvador Dali and the Ambassador of Spain at the invitation of our member, Radoslaw Fronc, whose restaurant was recently awarded the title of best restaurant in Poland.

After that, 30 of us will fly to Naples on April 30th for a three-day cultural, gastronomical programme. The d’Ambra wine producers in Ischia will open exclusively for us, we shall visit newly restored Pompeii, dine at Rosiello on the Posillipo hill with a gorgeous panoramic view on the bay and Mount Vesuvius.

Moreover we will have private exclusive use of Gennaro Esposito’s Michelin 2-star restaurant and we shall listen to Neapolitan love songs and serenades accompanied by the best pizza in the city.

Then we shall meet again in Warsaw at the restaurant of Michel Moran to show the films and photos taken in Naples. Michel Moran is a French restaurateur and Master Chef of Spanish origin who presents the Polish editions of MasterChef and MasterChef Junior.

Further ahead, we are working on more events: a dinner in a Latvian castle, a romantic Chopin evening in a Torun region castle, a dinner with a conference on Napoleon in Zamość and the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition that will take place near Warsaw at the Chef Culinar kitchen, followed by a dinner.

Our Bailliage is small but flourishing. We gladly welcome members from other Bailliages, Chefs, Sommeliers, those passionate for the “art de la table”, artists who share our faith in the future. In fact, everyone who wants to participate in the success of our events.

Vive la Chaîne!

Michel Marbot
Bailli Délégué

Vicenza, September 20, 2023

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