Mauritius Dinner

Bailliage Mauritius
Trou aux Biches, September 22, 2023

Celebrating Mauritian gastronomy at its best
" The restaurant buzzed with life as guests chatted on the veranda, bathed in a warm, intimate golden glow surrounded by lush greenery "

Members and guests of the Bailliage stepped onto Le Pescatore’s authentic creole varangue [Ed: veranda]. They gazed across the spellbinding mosaic of sun, sand, and sea resting before them and observed the waves lapping at the shore in a wonderful diminuendo.

The sky was adorned with silhouettes of whites and purples, creating a perfect backdrop. The salty perfume of the sea permeated the air and set the tone for a night under the tropics.

‘Le Pescatore’ is a pearl of the North. The restaurant resides on the northwest coast of Mauritius, a true bridge between land and sea. Its carefully curated gastronomic menu is a tribute to Mauritian cuisine and encapsulates the spirit of the sea. Fish, molluscs, and crustaceans are beautifully prepared and presented in a panoply of colours, and flavours.

The evening began with the pop of a bottle of Mumm Grand Cordon Rosé. Crisp Champagne sizzled in flutes paired perfectly with the crunchiness of the local ‘Merveille with peanut chutney’ and acidity of the octopus confit.

The restaurant buzzed with life as guests chatted on the veranda, bathed in a warm, intimate golden glow surrounded by lush greenery.

At 8pm, we gathered inside for the “family” photo before dinner. Vivid reds, blues and oranges adorned both tables and walls. Another nod to the wonders of the sea.

Once everyone was seated dinner was served. Dishes described as delectable; true labour of love; perfectly tender; an unparalleled ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ factor. Wines were smooth and aromatic; impeccable; brought freshness and balance; complemented perfectly.


Albacore tuna, seaweed, citrus
Bordeaux Blanc ‘Légende” 2019
Domaine Baron de Rothschild Lafite

Crab meat delight
tomato ‘millefeuille’, Sherry dressing
Côtes de Provence Blanc
Château de Peyrassol

Lobster risotto, sea urchin cream
Bourgogne Blanc 2016
Maison de Montille

Berry fish from St Brandon
combavas sauce
Côtes de Provence Rosé ‘Symphonie” 2020
Château Sainte Marguerite

Lemon sorbet

Seven hours lamb shoulder
vanilla, star anis
Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classé 2015
Château de Petite Faurie de Soutard

Coffee and chocolate parfait
red fruits coulis
Orange River Cellars Red Muscadel

Coffee - Lemon grass infusion

Certainly such a successful evening would not have been possible without our trusted partners. The Bailliage wishes to thank its host, ‘Le Pescatore’, and its wonderful wine suppliers- ‘Scott & Co. Ltd.’, ‘Vinalia Trading Ltd’ and ‘Phoenix Beverages Ltd’.

Celebrating gastronomy at its best, with the added bonus of friendship, is truly at the heart of the Chaîne.

Vive la Chaîne!
Chaîne Team

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