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Leinsweiler, December 1, 2023

Celebrating its 30th anniversary
" The kitchen style is Baden/Pfalz refined and reinterpreted "

“Castell”, a hotel and restaurant catering for both hikers and gourmets, is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Castell is a 3 star “S” hotel with 16 rooms and a restaurant which is known far beyond the borders for honest, down-to-earth cuisine. Little chi-chi but natural products without additives. For example, vegetables partly from the owners own cultivation and sausages, as well as a selection of meat, from the parents' butcher's shop.

Regionality and authenticity are clearly evident at Castell, from the spoken dialect to the wine list with top bottles from the Südliche Weinstraße [English: Southern Wine Route] to the purity of the products used in the dishes.

The kitchen style is Baden/Pfalz refined and reinterpreted. The magic words are health, cohesion, perseverance, stability, down-to-earth and trust, with the courage to take risks and always be lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Working in a family business means never really being alone; never really being private, yet no one ever wanted to swap.

Maître Rôtisseur Gerhard Lauth, as Head Chef, always had the dream of being self-employed in the catering industry. Elke Pfenninger-Lauth made her childhood dream of a hotel come true with the Castell.

They started this project at a young age. Youthful euphoria, strength and the dream were the goals that made them grow wings. Many colleagues have come and gone, however three decades of stability within a mature family business is a rarity in today's fast-moving times.

Recent years have presented challenges which required flexibility for the entire industry. Uncertainty of the COVID-19 years, procurement bottlenecks, energy management, shortage of skilled workers to name some of the major problems to be overcome. Test things out. Carefully adapt changes to the spirit of the times. Don't follow every fashion. Implement new demands from governments. Be aware of the changing needs of guests.

If you would also like to experience the hospitality of the Lauth family (Gerhard, Elke and their two sons, Johannes and William), a table reservation is recommended. Let yourself be pampered with a little break at Castell on the Southern Wine Route.

Hotel/Restaurant Castell
Hauptstraße 32
76829 Leinsweiler
Tel: +49 (0)6345 94210

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