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Bailliage of Slovenia
Kriz pri Komenda, December 30, 2023

A family tradition
" Events hosted by Miha and Anita Potocnik are always imbued with a sense of homeliness "

Miha Potočnik joined the Chaîne in 2009 as a Maître Restaurateur subsequently being promoted in 2021 to Officer Maître Restaurateur.

Gostilna Čubr [Ed. Gostilna = Inn], was ‘born’ in 1754 and has had many owners since. In 1934 it was bought by Alojzij Zorman and Ivana Novak who had two daughters. Ivana, the eldest married Adolf Potočnik in 1954 and continued with the catering business. Ivana and Adolf had three children: Ivica, Marta and Miha who have brought lots of joy and help in the family business.

They have preserved the inn’s name, Čubr which is now famous for seasonal treats and a speciality of the day. At first, simple, mostly cold dishes were offered. Over time the menu grew. Hot dishes were added, each time becoming more exquisite.

In 1971 the big breakthrough was building a new inn next to the original one. Since 1990 the family tradition is being continued by the youngest of the three children – Miha who married Anita in 1993. Today they have a well-deserved reputation for fulfilling the most challenging of gastronomic wishes.

Meeting friends and enjoying fine food and drink is always an unforgettable experience which the Bailliage of Slovenia doesn’t hold back in doing. In September 2023 it held a 15th annual event at the establishment.

Bailli Délégué Seku Condé observed, “Events hosted by Miha and Anita Potočnik are always imbued with a sense of homeliness, which only a few Slovenian inns are able to offer in the right measure.”

Seku continued, “Dining at Čubr does not need an accordion for a pleasant atmosphere. There is always additional knowledge to gain, especially about the use of herbs. At the September event it was the turn of borage which we met in the soup. Besides being officially credited with anti-perspirant, strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being soothing for coughs, according to folklore borage is used to treat various medical conditions such as fever, and depression. It certainly worked for us because everyone left the event in perfect health and as happy as can be!”

Gostilna Čubr
Kriz 53
1218 Komenda

Tel: +386 (0)834 11 15

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