Principality of Monaco - Song Qi

Bailliage of Principality of Monaco
Monte Carlo, January 17, 2024

Luxurious gourmet Chinese restaurant
" created by Maître Restaurateur Riccardo Giraudi in 2014 "

Brass, silky green velvet, black and white, Song Qi is a luxurious gourmet Chinese restaurant on one of the most beautiful avenues in Monaco. Discover a one-of-a-kind taste culture in a perfectly balanced and precious setting, reflecting Shanghai’s golden age of the 1930’s.

The origin
Recently elected 17th best restaurant in the world by Casa Vogue, Song Qi was created by Maître Restaurateur Riccardo Giraudi in 2014. The restaurant intends to provide Monte-Carlo with the only offer that had not yet been created: a luxurious gourmet Chinese restaurant.

[Ed. Accordingly, it is no surprise that, as part of the programme of events for the Grand Chapitre of the Principality of Monaco, held from November 29 to December 2, 2023, a group of members and their guests delighted in a selection of dishes from Chinese gastronomy offered by the restaurant, including crispy rolls with Bresse chicken and lemongrass, or Black Angus beef fillet with Chinese black pepper sauce.]

“Song” is one of the greatest Chinese dynasties that ruled from 960 to 1279 in northern and southern China. It was synonymous of strength and power. The dynasty is seen as a time of economic, cultural and social prosperity and often coined the Chinese “renaissance”. Song was the first government in the world to issue banknotes, use gunpowder, indicate north and above all set up rice farming globally.

“Qi” is an essential notion in the Chinese culture. It is the active principle forming and moving the universe and life. It can be found in any representation of nature and has an expressive notion of “breath”, spirituality, and power in the West. Qi is associated to the number 3 and, in its sign form, Chinese people see the “mi” symbol that could be translated etymologically by “energy made by rice absorption”.

The food
On the menu: homemade steamed or crispy dim sum, jumbo tiger shrimps, lettuce wraps, gourmet wok dishes, not to mention the famous whole Peking duck!

About Riccardo Giraudi
Riccardo is a creator, an artistic director, a foodie and a restaurateur. To him, food is the new fashion, and mixes experiences with lifestyle moments. Since the mid-2000s he has been accompanied by the best chefs, architects, and staff in order to create unique tailored concepts, from modern luxury to millennial canteens.

After graduating from London’s European Business School in 1999, Riccardo started with a new impulse through choosing to work with exclusive meats. Among his 34+ restaurants across the continents in Monaco, France, Luxembourg, Italy, UK, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Türkiye, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, USA (New York), Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hong Kong China, several have won awards over the years: Michelin stars and “2023 Best steak restaurants with multiple outlets”, to name but two.

Riccardo finds inspiration by travelling the world. He’s an adventurous, hyperactive creator, a visionary who easily decrypts new trends during his travels and experiences.

Song Qi
7, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monte Carlo

Tel: +377 99 99 33 33

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