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Zagreb, January 26, 2024

Timeless elegance, sophistication and charm
" considered an elite venue and cultural historic icon "

The most famous, most luxurious hotel in Zagreb, also regionally, The Esplanade is considered an elite venue and cultural historic icon. It will celebrate its centenary in 2025.

Fascinating hotel history
In the early 20th century, the capacity of the two best-known Zagreb inns wasn’t enough for the volume of travellers arriving on the famous Orient Express train. To meet the needs of a growing city a new luxurious hotel was essential. A large field near the railway station, at that time Zagreb’s only transport link with Europe and the world, was chosen which gave the hotel its name “Esplanade”, meaning “field”.

In 1917 the international tender was opened for which many outstanding architects submitted a proposal. Otto Rehnig won. His original plans were adapted by the well-known Croatian architect Dionis Sunko who is considered as creator of the Belle Époque masterpiece that is the building.

A touch of class
Completed in 26 months; 200 distinguished guests attended the gala opening on April 22, 1925. The hotel’s immediately obvious timeless elegance, sophistication and charm would continue to attract passengers of the famous Orient Express.

The Esplanade was of crucial importance for the development of tourism in Zagreb. When the hotel opened its doors, one of its first guests was a certain Mr Glück [Ed. “glück” in German means “luck”]. Following the hugely successful opening a bright future was surely in store.

Those first visitors were astounded: hot and cold running water, 100 bathrooms, telephone in each room, delicious Viennese and Hungarian cuisine. Over the years, in the work of contemporary writers The Esplanade acquired a certain notoriety being the setting for love affairs and intrigue all of which has added to its allure.

Exclusive presentations, conferences, fashion shows, ceremonies and spectacular daily programmes held in the magnificent Emerald Ballroom have been a great attraction.

An independently owned establishment since 2012, The Esplanade continues its well-known tradition and high standards. Always pushing boundaries, setting new trends of top-quality service, seeking innovation, developing fresh ideas, it is a hotel industry leader as confirmed by numerous awards.

The epitome of finest gastronomy, The Esplanade’s reputation is for exquisite taste, sophistication and exceptional service and for special, honest relationships with Zagreb, its citizens and every guest.

From High Society-inspired dining to modern Mediterranean chic and serving simply the best Štrukli* in town, the award-winning collection of restaurants at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel lead the pack. Whether you choose grand style or buzzy, al fresco dining, prepare for an unforgettable experience.

Chaîne members at the hotel are:
- Ivica Max Krizmanić, General Manager - Maître Hôtelier
- Ana Grgić Tomić, Executive Chef - Maître Rôtisseur

* Ed. Štrukli is a popular traditional Croatian dish of dough with various types of filling which can be either boiled or baked.

Esplanade Zagreb Hotel
Mihanoviceva 1
10000 Zagreb

Tel: +385 1 4566 666

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