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Bled, April 6, 2024

Uncovering traces of the past - 1906, the famous year
" Restaurant 1906, named after the hotel's opening year "

Hotel Triglav, ceremoniously opened in 1906, was commissioned by Bled’s mayor Jakob Peternelj. At the same time the town gained a railway connection to Vienna which enabled Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne, to visit by train and refresh himself at the hotel from which he enjoyed views of the island and the lake.

There have been many changes in ownership over the years. Eventually after denationalisation the hotel was acquired by current owners Danja and Zdravko Rus. Zdravko is a Maître Hôtelier in the Chaîne.

In 2009 there was a comprehensive renovation of the hotel to restore the hotel’s soul lost during and after the war, including preserving its original appearance especially the beautiful geometric ornamentation. The famous 1930s August Fürster concert grand piano welcomes you in the lobby. It enchanted audiences at 1961 Bled Jazz Festival. Antique objects set the scene in history: vintage suitcases, furniture, Ö porcelain, walls adorned with old photographs and masterpieces by renowned painters.

A popular retreat
Why is Hotel Triglav a favourite? Because visitors appreciate friendliness, top-notch services, culinary delights, and the uniqueness of the location. And proximity to the lake has attracted rowers from day one including regatta competitors. Regular guests are top domestic and international rowers.

In Restaurant 1906, named after the hotel’s opening year, Chef Aleš Fende’s team elevates the culture of dining and drinking. The hotel’s website states that “understanding dietary challenges and modern eating habits, our entire kitchen is based on dishes with minimal allergens, minimal number of ingredients on the plate, and authentic intense flavours. We aim to provide each guest with a top-notch culinary experience”.

Inspiration comes from the surrounding area. Also, from food stories over the past century evident in recipes from Nezka, great-grandmother of Zdravko Rus. A Chef herself in the 1920s, she created dishes that are characteristic even today: for example, mushroom soup, beef brzola, walnut štruklji.

With four courses as a minimum guests enjoy of a diverse range of dishes, showcasing culinary perfection that earned Michelin recognition. Upon prior request, a longer gourmet experience can be created.

Weather permitting one can dine on the outdoor terrace with beautiful views of the lake and mountains. For privacy, a special room with a fireplace is available. The garden has a charming lower terrace where guests can enjoy a selection of local snacks, tasty coffee, cocktails, or a glass of quality Slovenian wine while reading a book in the early sunlight or evening shade. Tastings of Slovenian wines in the cellar take place regularly.

Restavracija 1906
Hotel Triglav
Kolodvorska cesta 33
4260 Bled

Tel: +386 4 575 26 10

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