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Bailliage of the Netherlands
Oosterhout, June 20, 2024

Colourful dishes which stand out
" Bram has a gift for taking everyday items .. to new heights within his unique creations "

The Michelin 1-star restaurant Zout & Citroen (English: Salt & Lemon) is owned by Bram and Patricia Helleman. Situated in the coach house of Castle Brakestein in Oosterhout, it is a favourite dining destination for Chaîne events in the Netherlands. Most recently (on June 7th), the opening dinner of the National Bailliage’s 2024 Grand Chapitre was held there. The consensus being that a delicious “welcoming dinner” was served.

Bram Helleman
The kitchen team is led by Maître Rôtisseur Bram Helleman, who joined the Chaîne in 2014. This young chef has walked many paths in the catering industry, including the Michelin 2-star restaurant Vermeer. His cooking style is characterized by the fact that it appeals to all the senses. “The picture has to be right, from the first aromas to the friandises with the coffee,” he asserts and continued by saying, “Food is an experience, not just a basic need.”

Bram has a gift for taking everyday items, such as salt and lemon, to new heights within his unique creations with their complex flavours offset by subtle nuances. His use of tangy ingredients and a wide range of spices enables him to create dishes that are colourful, tasteful and alluring.

Patricia Helleman
The service brigade is led by Patricia Helleman, who gained experience from an early age in various catering establishments in the region. She observed, “Guests no longer just want a stiff waiter at the table, the service brigade must be able to make contact with the guests in addition to delivering the service using correct techniques. A visit to our restaurant should feel like a warm blanket.”

The à la carte menu proudly states: “Welcome. Enjoy, taste and experience French dishes as a basis interwoven with spices from the Orient, bazaar and inspired by taste. A suitable wine served with verve, a pleasure brings flavours together and connects.” Bram and Patricia

Images taken by SPS Fotografie

Restaurant Zout & Citroen
Ridderstraat 86
4902 AC Oosterhout

Tel: +31 (0)162 45 08 06

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