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Maribor, June 24, 2024

Enticing clients with works of art on a plate
" The restaurant is known for its tasting menu, with exuberant dishes showing off David's skills to perfection "

Restavracija Mak, brainchild of Chef David Vračko, a Professional member of the Chaîne, is a delight to visit. Amongst other awards, Mak has held the Michelin “Plate” accolade since 2020. Furthermore, Gault Millau Slovenia named David its “Chef of the Future”.

Maribor is Slovenia’s second-largest city. In 2011, returning to his native Slovenia, David started Mak there after 10 years working abroad. During this time he developed his skills working with, for example, Gerhard Schwaiger in Spain or Dieter Koschina in Portugal - two of the most illustrious names on the international culinary scene - as well as from his mother of course.

David is a hard-working chef who some say would look more at home on a rock stage than in a restaurant. Given his desire to continually push the boundaries of taste and creativity, it is not surprising that David is a member of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (JRE) a collective of passionate young chefs. Founded in 1974 in France, JRE is now active in 16 countries with 350 affiliated restaurants. Members are renowned for their remarkable talent showcasing culinary prowess with a commitment to sustainability and the preservation of culinary traditions.

From his non-conformist kitchen David entices his clients with works of art on a plate which are not only eye-catching but also taste delicious. The restaurant is known for its tasting menu, with exuberant dishes showing off David’s skills to perfection, all being brought to the table with a real sense of performance.

Mak’s website is also a work of art using poetic language to describe each stage of the tasting menu. For example, the entrée/starter is stirringly characterised as follows:
“Tastes cover the tongue like snowflakes that fall on the warm ground. The bites sway in the mouth like feathers, pirouetting down an invisible spiral. Ecstatic cartwheels of every cell. Orchestrated aesthetics coming from complete chaos that is the kitchen. A theatre without masks, unscripted acts, open ending. The plates seep right through you.”

David’s brother Gregor Vračko is Chef/Owner of Hiša Denk [Ed. an article on which was published on the Chaîne News Online in February 2024]. Accordingly, in relatively close proximity in Slovenian Styria, David and Gregor provide their clients with diverse experiences in their unique establishments.

Restavracija Mak
Osojnikova ulica 20
2000 Maribor

Tel: +386 (0)2 620 00 53

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