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Zagreb, July 3, 2024

Celebrated for exquisite cuisine
" Noel's kitchen is helmed by Conseiller Culinaire Mario Mandaric whose skills and innovative approach have propelled the restaurant to new heights "

Noel in Zagreb, is a beacon of gastronomic excellence, celebrated for exquisite cuisine, exceptional service, and a commitment to the art of fine dining.

The restaurant proudly holds a Michelin star (held since 2019), which is a testament to its outstanding quality and creativity in the culinary arts. In addition to Michelin recognition, Noel has been honoured with a high rating by the prestigious Gault & Millau guide.

At Noel, the dining experience extends beyond the plate. Known for “Noel Art,” a concept blending gastronomic mastery with artistic presentation, each dish is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, transforming food into visual, sensory masterpieces. Artistry is evident in elegant plating, vibrant colours, and innovative combinations surprising and delighting palates. The Noel Art project involved 11 Croatian artists from different generations with whom Noel achieved exceptional collaboration related to the restaurant’s menu.

The menu reflects the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability and quality. Signature dishes like Adriatic tuna tartare, roasted duck breast with black truffle, and decadent chocolate dessert with hazelnut and caramel demonstrate the kitchen brigade’s creativity and expertise.

Noel’s kitchen is helmed by Conseiller Culinaire Mario Mandarić whose skills and innovative approach have propelled the restaurant to new heights. Chef Mandarić’s philosophy revolves around a deep respect for ingredients and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional cuisine. His passion for cooking is evident in every dish created. His dedication to excellence and ability to infuse each plate with unique flavours and textures have earned him a reputation as one of Croatia’s top chefs. Under his leadership, Noel thrives, delighting guests with unforgettable dining experiences.

Noel is a shining example of culinary excellence where art meets gastronomy in a harmonious blend of flavours and presentation. With restaurant guide accolades, commitment to sustainability, and Chef Mario’s visionary leadership, the restaurant offers a dining experience grounded in values of nature and sustainability.

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