Uganda 'In Need Home' Charity

Bailliage Uganda
Namuwongo Slum, Kampala, June 2016

Love, care and save lives
" members of the Chaîne in Uganda are proud to be associated with their cause and aspirations "

I wanted to share this video that was made (a gift from the production company) on the local charity in Kampala that we are supporting in addition to the international ACCR (Association Caritative de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs) activities.

The video explains what the charity is about, what the Bailliage of Uganda has done so far and will be doing in the future.

Before we decided which local charity to support, four of our National Council members visited several possibilities in Uganda. This was done to reassure ourselves that the donations we would make would be put to good use. They reported back to the National Council who then decided to support “In need home”.

During the ongoing conflict in Uganda, Kampala turned into a refugee city for many conflict victims. The neighbourhood located in the city’s eastern margins was built up in patches, one hut attached to another, gradually they became Namuwongo Slum.

The vast part of the slum’s community is illiterate and lacks professional skills. Most of the women are unemployed and are dependent on their husbands or other male relatives. Many of them are single mothers or function as single mothers often unable to provide for themselves and their children the most basic needs.

As a result of this great poverty, parents/carers (mostly women) are also unable to pay the school fees required at public schools; many of the children do not study in an educational framework and are often sent to work. Thus, the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment perpetuates.

The motto of the In Need Home charity is “love, care and save lives”. We, the members of the Chaîne in Uganda, are proud to be associated with their cause and aspirations.

Stephan Duyck
Bailli Délégué

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