Russia World Chaîne Day

Bailliage of Russia
Moscow & Saint Petersburg, April 13, 2019

Special locations made for special celebrations

In Moscow, Bailli Vladimir Efimov and his members celebrated World Chaîne Day at the World Trade Centre, the largest multi-functional business complex of Russia. Often referred to as being a city within a city, it is a place where everyone can feel the business atmosphere of the capital. An ideal location therefore for the Bailliage’s participation in the Bailliage’s special day.

In Saint Petersburg we had a unique World Chaîne Day event. In the past we have always celebrated on the roof of a hotel - weather permitting - with view over the city or on the walls of the world-famous Peter and Paul Fortress.

This year however we celebrated in the Russian Museum in front of a beautiful gastronomic painting. I have known the Director, Vladimir Goussiev, ever since 1999 when I arrived in Saint Petersburg.

Vladimir allowed us to wear our Chaîne ribbons in the museum and in front of the painting. It was a wonderful moment and made for a splendid group photo opportunity.

Henri Everaars
Bailli Délégué

Bordeaux, May 18, 2024

Winners announced at the International AGM

April 20, 2024

Evident enthusiasm displayed

April 20, 2024

Themed: 'Local Culinary Delights'

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