Greece Dinner

Bailliage of Greece
Athens, April 4, 2019

Chef's signature dish was a gourmet explosion
" of special mention was the main course of beef cheeks flavoured with fennel and lemon "

The Bailliage organized an extraordinarily fine dinner at Aleria one of Athens’ well-known restaurants located in the upcoming Metaxourgeio area. It offers a harmonious combination of an elegant and artistically designed decor with a cuisine that is world-class in its inventiveness and quality.

The restaurant is a perfectly restored villa from the early years of the previous century. The decor strikes the perfect balance between luxury and ambience, creating an atmosphere which is quite formal yet unpretentious, cosy and elegant.

Aleria has received many awards. Its distinguished Chef, Gikas Xenakis, bases his cuisine on inspirations from classic Greek dishes presented in a nouvelle cuisine concept.

In fact Chef Gikas is one of the best proponents of the Greek “creative cuisine” movement which now attracts the most talented chefs in the country. His philosophy is one that combines a calm yet confident control of modern cooking techniques with his memories of traditional home food cooked with the best and freshest ingredients that the sea and land of Greece offers.

The menu was a delightful set of six dishes. Included in them was one of Chef’s signature dishes being a gourmet explosion that is a seafood “magiritsa”. Magiritsa is a Greek soup associated with the Easter tradition of the Greek Orthodox Church and usually made from lamb offal.

Also worthy of special mention was the main course of beef cheeks flavoured with fennel and lemon which were simply delicious.

The eight matching wines were very carefully selected from small but recognized wine makers.

We are now looking forward to the next event of our Bailliage as each occasion is always an excellent opportunity to meet each other and have a very good time!

Tassos Kioulpapas
Bailli Délégué

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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