Venezuela Lunch

Bailliage of Venezuela
Caracas, February 29, 2020

Celebrating the Chinese New Year at Chez Wong
" The Lei family has proudly run the restaurant for 30 years "

First and foremost on behalf of the members in Venezuela I send cordial greetings and excellent wishes to Chaîne members worldwide at this challenging COVID-19 affected time in all our lives, both personally and professionally.

There are not many fine restaurants in Caracas where one can eat delicious Chinese dishes. However, Chez Wong on the Plaza La Castellana is one of them. Highlights on the sophisticated menu include the world-renowned, traditional Peking duck.

The Lei family has proudly run the restaurant for 30 years. With three generations currently involved at this time they bring not only experience and quality but also contemporary ideas to their offering. This important asset that is the blend of old and new ideas is not easy to find in a Caracas restaurant. All the more reason therefore that we chose Restaurante Chez Wong for this event’s venue.

The menu commenced with a selection of the Chef’s dim sum:
- Crystal dumplings (vegetable)
- Spring rolls
- Beef dumplings
- Siu mai stuffed with chicken and pork
- Chicken stuffed wonton wrappers

Main courses were:
- Peking style lacquered duck served three ways: pancakes stuffed with the first cut of duck, with hoisin sauce and with chives
- “Unemployment” soup with pak choi and tofu
- Duck stir fry with semi-sweet and sour vegetables and sesame drizzle
- Chinese pasta trio (rice, soy and wheat) with ginger and chives

The dessert was a Chinese New Year “fantasy”.

Harmonising with the food were:
- 12-years old Scotch Whisky
- Sparkling Casa dei Fiori
- Chianti DOC red wine
- Venezuelan rum

If you are in Caracas and want to try Chinese food, visit this place with its great location, atmosphere, service and food. Of course let us know of your arrival in advance so that we can then meet you with great joy and share good wishes in the finest spirit of the Chaîne.

Alfonso Limes
Bailli Délégué

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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