Norway Gala Dinner

Bailliage of Soerlandet, Norway
Tveit, November 6, 2020

Boen Gård excels
" a rich experience with the best of what Norwegian gastronomy has to offer "

Bailli Jørgen Aall Flood welcomed attendees to the Bailliage’s last event of 2020, a year that has deeply affected us personally and of course our Bailliage’s programme. However, we feel quite fortunate in having been able to stage some of our events. Others have been rescheduled to take place next spring.

Taking 2020 out on a high was our Gala Dinner at Boen Gård. Although 70 members and guests were due to attend new government regulations in Norway meant that eventually only 50 were able to take part.

Boen Gård is a national treasure in Norway, offering a rich experience with the best of what Norwegian gastronomy has to offer. The establishment was recently awarded a plaque by the Ministry of Culture for its marvellous conservation work. To enhance our gastronomic soiree the venue was decorated with a warm and tropical atmosphere of torches. A red carpet welcomed the guests.

In his words of welcome, Bailli Jørgen thanked everyone for their understanding and perseverance through the year we are about to put behind us. He also gave a personal mention to special guests who were in attendance, namely Chancelier Arne Trengereid as well as former Baillis of Sørlandet, Elin Gerrard and Christian Borchgrevink, who were in office from 2001-2006 and 2009-2014 respectively.

Boen Gård senior staff members Maître Restaurateur Dagfinn Galdal (who is Maître D’ and Sommelier), Head Chef Tomasz Rochon and Restaurant Manager Leila Derrich had clearly put much thought into a menu reflecting the time of year. Additionally, Boen Gård grows and harvests the majority of its produce and fruits in its own gardens and grounds.

Bailli Honoraire Christian Borchgrevink had the honour of taking everyone through the menu during which he highlighted the usage of locally-sourced produce, as well as it being a menu appropriate to the current autumn season. There was praise for the oysters paired with champagne - a personal favourite - the halibut also got a mention as did several other outstanding dishes.

Furthermore, he reminded everyone of the ethos of the Chaîne where culinary professionals go the extra mile and challenge guests with new flavours, experiences and combinations. Overall, everyone agreed that the menu was an incredible gastronomic journey.

During the evening, Chancelier Arne Trengereid and Bailli Jørgen Aall Flood presented Torunn Borchgrevink with her Commandeur award for 20 years of membership and Petter Nordby received his 10 years “Silver” Commandeur award.

In conclusion, a heartfelt thank you to our members for supporting and joining our events throughout the year. Not only by attending, but also by creating an amazing atmosphere, building bridges and creating new friendships and memories at every event.

Jørgen Aall Flood

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