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Canada On-line Event

December 17, 2020

Another popular wine tasting and bingo night

" a truly innovative way to bring everyone together "

While much of Canada is in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, National Council Member (and grand prize donor) Échanson Cyndi Grossman, owner of Mellecey Wine Group, hosted another of the Bailliage of Toronto’s very popular on-line wine tasting and bingo nights on December 17th.

The event co-host and bingo caller was Diego Santana, winemaker at Valenciso in Spain. With 36 years of experience in Rioja, Valenciso is a “very personal winery”. Nature combined with a love of the land and wine produces wines with vivacity and elegance reflecting the soil and climate of Rioja Alta.

Each participant received a “Bingo Package” prior to the evening that included three bottles of Valenciso wine, a charcuterie board and four bingo cards shipped directly to the address of their choice. This, in combination with the ability to sign in on-line from literally anywhere in the world, resulted in a truly International event with bingo competitors from across Canada, the United States, Central America and even Europe.

Participants joined from Toronto, London (Ontario), Niagara on the Lake, King City, Nobleton, Aurora, and Prince Edward County in Ontario; Alberta; British Columbia; New Brunswick; Ohio; Costa Rica; Ireland; and, of course, Diego Santana all the way from Spain.

A special guest was Keith Tyers, winemaker at Closson Chase Vineyard in Prince Edward County and neighbour to Bailli Jason Clarke in his new residence in that beautiful area on Lake Ontario. Keith will be hosting another in this series of wine tastings and bingo events in 2021.

The Grand Prize winner of a 2008 Valenciso Rioja (and for the second consecutive Bailliage of Toronto bingo event) was our own Bailli Jason Clarke.

Thank you to Échanson Cyndi Grossman from Mellecey Wine Group and Fred Grossman for organizing this evening. It was a truly innovative way to bring everyone together for some holiday cheer.

In the “old pre-COVID-19 world” in which we used to live, we never would have thought of an event like this!

Paul Morrell
Vice-Chargé de Presse

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